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Ghazala Kaifi Wedding Photos, Ghazala Kaifi Family Pictures, Ghazala Kaifi Marriage Pics

Individual INFO

Name Ghazala Kaifi

Exchange Name Ghazala

Marital Status Hitched

Zodiac Leo

Conceived and RESIDENCE

Conceived April 17, 1966

Age 52

Nation Pakistan

Old neighborhood Lahore

Calling and CAREERS

Professions In Entertainer

Total assets Under Review

Trainings College



Stature 5 ft 6 in (1.73 m)

Weight N/A

Ghazala Kaifi Wedding Photos, Ghazala Kaifi Family Pictures, Ghazala Kaifi Marriage Pics

Ghazala Kaifi is an old entertainer who did such a large number of ventures in show industry just as in film industry

including Jaane Kyun, Tipu Sultan, The Tiger Lord thus numerous others. She did full equity with her jobs in each show.

She for the most part assumed supporting jobs

Ghazala Kaifi is an excellent Pakistani entertainer from the city of Karachi.

Ghazala Kaifi is known for her striking adaptability in various jobs and satisfying every one of her characters with full commitment and greatness.

She is a lady with her special persona.

She initiated her vocation when she was in school seeking after her Bachelors;

She was presented by Fatima Surayya Bajia and afterward she oftentimes worked with her.

She has showed up in certain Pakistani TV serials.

Her ability was best displayed in the show Shama, which had left an incredible effect on the crowd.

It was a Pakistani dramatization. She assumed the lead job alongside Javed Sheik.

“Shama” is one of the most unswervingly popular dramatization arrangement in Pakistani Television history.

Ghazala Kaifi Wedding Photos, Ghazala Kaifi Family Pictures, Ghazala Kaifi Marriage Pics

Her different works incorporate Uroosa, which is a Pakistani dramatization arrangement and is viewed as a reality based show,

Ana that was circulated around the 19’s on the channel PTV.

It was a story identified with three ages in the language Urdu and each of the 21 scenes were broadcast, Brahim ki Talash,

Ye Bhi Kisi Ki Beti Hai publicized on Geo TV.

In the Pakistani Cinema, Ghazal Kaifi has worked with capable chiefs like Qasim Jalili, Haider Imam Rizvi, and Ayub Khawar.

She isn’t just an entertainer yet in addition a social dissident.

She works for the Human Rights of the regular man, being an exquisite entertainer that she is we see her

doing altruistic stuff for poor people and the needful.

She has initiated a beneficent trust by the name of Fountain of Youth for directing her procedure of spreading joy through her foundation.

Ghazala Kaifi Wedding Photos, Ghazala Kaifi Family Pictures, Ghazala Kaifi Marriage Pics

The Moto of the adolescent is to help individuals and bolster them in the hour of trouble.

She has worked almost no in the Pakistani Industry of Television however has increased colossal prevalence

and acknowledgment with her ability and great deeds. She is viewed as a promising and significant Pakistani Star.

A blameless face, enormous confiding in eyes, dark colored hair and a charming voice she was perfect for the little job of “Shama”.

” I realized that she was perfect the minute I saw her,” says maker Qasim Jalali.

Everybody begrudges her medium-term acclaim, everybody, with the exception of Ghazala Najam herself.

For a week and a night we attempted to get her to sit for photos and a meeting. No karma. She was late for practices:

shooting was postponed till the last minute. She would come, do her hit and disappear.

She would not turn up for practices, shooting was delayed. What was going on? She was sick. Kidney inconvenience.

She was upset and woke up shouting around evening time.

Connected with at fourteen, wedded at sixteen and separated from four months after the fact.

Ghazala Kaifi Wedding Photos, Ghazala Kaifi Family Pictures, Ghazala Kaifi Marriage Pics

From that point onward, Ghazala Najam has needed to confront the insults of her neighbors,

strikingly requesting to know the specific ‘why’ for which she was separated.

A beautiful face is an awful deal at such occasions as it gives perfect grounds to accepting the most exceedingly awful about a young lady’s character.

Ghazala tuned in to the insults and scornful giggles behind her.

At the time they were remaining in a Bohri people group building and under the exhortation of Ghazala’s primary care physician,

the, the guardians chose to move out. “It is difficult to discover a house and it is as of late that we moved.”

But in light of the fact that the house move concurred with the beginning of the ” Shama” arrangement,

the story went round that the Najams had been tossed out by the Bohri people group which objects to acting.

Ghazala Kaifi Wedding Photos, Ghazala Kaifi Family Pictures, Ghazala Kaifi Marriage Pics

The Najams have been generally restless to express that no such ex-correspondence has occurred.

In any case, shy of this exceptional advance, the two guardians have been offended by what Mrs. Najam alludes to

as the “older folks” of her locale at Adam Masjid, “I attempted to clarify that we had done nothing incorrectly in making this stride.

That Sabra Tapal, another Bohri young lady, was at that point taking an interest in organize dramatization,

so we thought taking note of wasn’t right with our young lady following up on TV. However, they would not tune in.

It is intriguing to take note of that the nearby Bohri TV watcher is getting a charge out of “Shama” as much as the remainder of the crowd.

As per Mrs. Najam , one of the scenes was on the night they praise their “Shab Qadar” and number of network individuals turned up after the petitions

Mr Najam said that her family doesn’t reasonable ex-correspondence however they could be declined internment in the network burial ground,

and their girl could be denied a nikah under network law. ”

In any case, to come clean with you, we are concerned progressively about our girl’s wellbeing and individual joy.

It’s not possible for anyone to remove my confidence from me, however I won’t let my girl endure any more,” she said very nearly tears.

Ghazala Kaifi Wedding Photos, Ghazala Kaifi Family Pictures, Ghazala Kaifi Marriage Pics

However, was a TV dramatization arrangement worth this encounter?

“To us additionally it is a little issue yet the papers have made it look huge, “charged Ghazala’s mom.

“My little girl got back home one day and said that a young lady in her school had approached her to try out for TV Ghazala is just eighteen

and concurred with out mulling over it.

At the point when she enlightened us regarding it, we concurred, thinking just that since she was so cheerful about it,

it would help take her psyche off that vile separation. My better half or I generally chaperone her when she goes to the TV station.

Ghazala has been under steady clinical and mental treatment since the separation

and it is one reason why she despite everything awakens shouting around evening time.

Be that as it may, what began as a glad preoccupation has itself formed into a bad dream for Ghazala and her family.

By and by the exquisite face has become an awful deal.

“Are you not apprehensive that individuals will feel that you are only tossing your young lady

into the glare of exposure in the expectation of getting her another spouse?” I inquired.

Ghazala Kaifi Wedding Photos, Ghazala Kaifi Family Pictures, Ghazala Kaifi Marriage Pics

“Marriage and separation have become a revile for my poor kid. I am absolutely not tossing my kid around.

She got three great offers early this year however we rejected them. We were pondering our youngster’s states of being.

I won’t drive her to wed. The first occasion when she wedded as per my decision,

not I have disclosed to her I will acknowledge anybody she herself picks, regardless of whether in the network or outside it.

I appears as though in a manner Ghazala and “Shama” have converged into one being.

Both are encompassed by a concerned defensive family, both have gotten too much of distress and endured intellectually as a result of others.

Ghazala and her family don’t predict an acting vocation in front of her. Ghazala is without a doubt perfect for the job of “Shama

and will presumably convey that stamp from now on.

“Her best quality as an entertainer, of which she is very uninformed, is her lovely voice, ”

Ghazala Kaifi Wedding Photos, Ghazala Kaifi Family Pictures, Ghazala Kaifi Marriage Pics

says Fatima Surriya “Bajiya the content wrier of the arrangement and behind-the – sets mother figure to youthful and old at KTV.

Yet, it took “Bajiya” and maker Qasim Jalali an entire month to improve Ghazala’s intonation.

She talked familiar Urdu have suspected it, tuning in to the simplicity with which Ghazala talks her lines in “Shama”.

The job never calls for acting ability in that capacity, so the way that Ghazala needs this office has not hurt the arrangement.

He part is typically short, including four or five minutes in every scene.

Off the sets, as well, there is a defensive climate around Ghazala.

Each one talks about her with concerns and many argued that she ought to be saved exposure.

Every one of that has happened has confounded her and she asks her mom: ” Mummy, for what reason does this transpire?”

Ghazala Kaifi Wedding Photos

Ghazala Kaifi Wedding Photos

Ghazala Kaifi Wedding Photos