Hakeem Shah Nazir Tips in Urdu

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hakeem shah nazir tips for weight loss

Hakeem Shah Nazir is a well-known Herbalist of Pakistan, Her Tips and Home Remedies for Weight Loss and for Skin Care Oil Control, Rashes, Chicken Pox Pimples, Skin Whitening, Joints Pain, Hair Oil, and very Famous among the women and girls.

Herbalist Shah Nazeer has their own clinic in Karachi, and He also participates in various Show on Hum Masala TV Channels like Zubaida Tariq Show Handi, Chef Gulzar Show Live@9.

Herbal Weight Loss Tip by Shah Nazeer in Handi Show

Losing Weight is a really serious issue not Only In Pakistan but also in the other countries of the world, as we see the majority of the men and women face this problem in any country in the world.

To get rid of belly fat and extra fat of the body people were used different Tips, medicine, home remedies, and doing exercise or workout butt some works and some are not, Diet Plan better way to Lose Weight.

Here is a Herbal Tip for Weight Loss by Shah Nazeer


Black Cumin Seeds 50 Grams
Seed-Lac 50 Grams
Nigella Seeds 50 Grams
Carom Leaves 50 Grams


Mix all the ingredients together, grind it, and make a mixture. Eat 1 Teaspoon Daily before breakfast and after dinner.

hakeem shah nazir tips for height

Find increase height tips in Urdu by Pakistan’s most famous herbalist Hakeem Shah Nazir.

This height increasing or qad barhane ke tip is only for those people whose ages are between 15 to 22 years.

So let’s try this tip and feel the difference and also share it to your friends.

Herbal Tip for Increasing Height By Hakeem Shah Nazir


Singara 100gm
Misri 100 gm
Mastagi ki Lakri 10 gm


Grind and make a powder – take a tsp with a glass of milk in the morning before breakfast and before dinner.

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hakeem shah nazir tips for Cumin Seeds (Zeera) Weight Loss

Cumin Seeds benefits – It’s (also known as Zeera in Urdu) weight Loss recipe.

Cumin seeds for weight loss are one of the easiest and traditional ways of losing weight at home and cooking this recipe is both easy and quick.

Cumin Seeds (jeera) also helps in providing an amazing taste as compared to tasteless diet foods.

Most people, no matter how much they refrain from eating too much fat in their diet, they still face the problem of having a fat belly.

Sometimes, no amounts of effort seem to work for the correct weight loss.

However, Hakeem Shah Nazir is here to provide the perfect solution to your problems.

Reduce your fat belly with this easy and delicious recipe, in just 2 months!

Fennel seeds …………………………. 50 grams
Cumin seeds ………………………….. 50 grams
Celery …………………………………….. 50 grams
Barge Sadab …………………………… 50 grams

Grind all of the ingredients together in a food processor or grinder into powder form.


Take a half Teaspoon of the powder with water, daily before breakfast and dinner.

Continue to use this formula for the next 2 months and see instant weight loss results.

The best thing about this recipe is that it’s natural and is packed with health benefits.

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hakeem shah nazir tips for Homemade Skin Tightening Mask

Homemade skin tightening mask remedy is an effective way to make your skin look dazzling, youthful and without any wrinkles.

It is the best alternative for expensive skin treatments or skin tightening surgery.

As we grow old, our skin begins to lose its elasticity.

Elasticity in the skin is necessary to keep it from loosening and forming wrinkles. Just perform a simple elasticity test on yourself.

Pull your skin and let it go. If it bounces back to its original form, your skin has elasticity.

However if it sinks back slowly then your skin is about to lose its elasticity and it means you will get wrinkles very soon.

Using these refined ingredients that most people already have in their house, you can get younger skin in just 20 minutes of use.

Moreover, it will cost you nothing!

Here’s a quick way to get a facelift without any expensive treatment by performing these simple and easy steps.

Your skin will look firmer, younger, and brighter in just the first application!

Homemade skin tightening mask remedy is an easy way to make the skin beautiful by tightening the skin by Hakim Shah Nazir.

Skin should be taken care of on early stages of life.

Using various anti-aging cream can be expensive and can even contain side effects.

If you want a free and a very effective solution for your skin wrinkles, follow this exotic remedy that will not cost you a single thing and you’ll be surprise that the best beauty cream has been present in your kitchen all this time!This remedy is not only effective but is economy friendly and you will Insha’Allah gain a wrinkle-free face in just a week!


Husn -e- Yousuf……………………………….. 1 Tea spoon
Gul Daudi / Gul Dawuk Powder ……… 1 Tea Spoon
Seafoam ……………………………………..1 Tea spoon
Cucumber paste ……………………………Two tea spoon
Tomato paste ………………………………. Two tea spoon

How to Make:

Mix all the ingredients into a paste.

How to Use:

1. Apply the paste on the whole face and neck area. Avoid the eyes.

2. Let it stay for 20-25 minutes.

3. Lightly rinse with warm water.

4. Then rinse with cold water and after pat-drying face with a soft towel, spray rose water/toner on your skin and gently pat until absorbed.


1. Apply every alternate day (the day after application of this mask).

Do not apply every day, leave one day gap before using the mask again.

2. You can see incredible results in just 1 week.

3. In just 3 weeks, your skin will be back to the younger version.

Hakeem Shah Nazir Tips for Weight Loss