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Pakistani singer-songwriter

Born: May 11, 1973 (age 47 years), London, United Kingdom

Education: George Washington University

Albums: Haroon Ki Awaz, Haroon Ka Nasha, Jadoo Ka Charagh

Music group: Awaz

Haroon Rashid is a British-born Pakistani singer-songwriter, music producer, composer, director and social activist.

Formerly a member of the pop band Awaz in the 1990s, Haroon has sold millions of singles and albums worldwide and has performed at large venues such as the Wembley Arena.

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Aaron haroon rashid is a Peabody award winning director, producer and singer. He is best known as the Pakistani rock star Haroon.

He is a musician, singer, composer, director, writer and producer.

He was born in London, UK to a New Zealand mother and Pakistani father. His projects often touch upon social issues.

He has sold millions of albums and has performed worldwide at large venues such as Wembley Arena.

Haroon is the creator and director of the hugely successful and internationally acclaimed multi award winning Pakistani 3D animated TV series Burka Avenger.

Haroon is the CEO and founder of Unicorn Black an animation production company that is the production company behind Burka Avenger, Teetoo and Tania, Quaid Se Baatein and other successful animated TV shows.

Haroon was born on 11 May 1973 in London, England, to a Pakistani father and New Zealand mother.

According to Haroon, he belonged to a musically-inclined family and had always wanted to become an artist; his mother, Lynley Ruth Butt, was a professionally trained opera singer who moved to the UK for education, and has taught Western classical music in Pakistan for nearly 50 years.

She met Haroon’s father, Zulfiqar Butt, in London while he was living there.

She became a naturalised Pakistani citizen.

Haroon’s grandfather, Abdul Rashid Butt, established a reputed carpet manufacturing business specialising in handmade Pakistani and Persian rugs since 1947.

Haroon’s father, Zulfiqar Butt, was one of eight sons.

After living in the UK for several years, Zulfiqar returned to Lahore in the early 1970s with his wife to run the family business.

He later moved to Islamabad where he established a carpet showroom, while Lynley taught music, acting and theatrical production.

Haroon grew up and received his schooling in Pakistan.

His father died in 2017.

Haroon, the eldest of his siblings, has two brothers Daoud and Ben, and a sister, Laila.

Haroon was married on 30 June 2020.