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Iman Safar Nezhad (in Persian: ” ایمان صفرنژاد ” Born on October 06 ,1993 ) is an Iranian Basketball Player and Professional dunker Born in Tehran, Iran.

Slam dunk specialist who has been documented with having a 43+ inches vertical jump.

He was 16 years old when he started play basketball and right now he has won a number of tournaments and dunk competitions and performing at various show.

Iman Safar Nezhad is a professional dunker from Iran who devotes his entire life to making new dunks and then performing them in dunk contests.

Safar Nezhad has been training to be a dunker for years.

Iman Safar Nezhad was from Tehran, Iran, and played sports in high school, but never had aspirations of pursuing basketball in professionally league.

So, what motivates a guy who isn’t in the game to devote so much of his time and effort to dunking? The story starts when Iman was 17, remembering fondly that his passion was to learn how to dunk.

Once he learned, first on an 9-foot hoop, he was immediately hooked.

He began working on his craft and trained himself to jump as high as humanly possible while creating some of the most innovative dunks anyone had ever seen.

Some may think this pursuit is odd, but it is paying off for him.

Iman has never hidden the fact that he doesn’t know anything from basketball until he was 16, he always love to playing the game but something about dunking specifically overtook his passion for the game as a whole and once he began dunking regularly, his sole focus was learning as many dunks as possible.

Iman Safar Nezhad’s 43 inches vertical leap is impressive.

He also play 3X3 Basketball and dominate the paint , he could dunk on everybody that coming in his way so don’t get surprised when you trying to block him above the rim and in a blink people laughing at you ! because he can jump high with so much power and people got no chance at all !

Iman Safar Nezhad listed as 6’6″ height and because of the way he playing basketball he earned the nicknames like “The Animal” & “Hulk” for himself.

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Iman Safar Nezhad 3X3 Dunk Contest

Iman Safar Nezhad Portrait

iman Safar Nezhad 3X3 Dunk Contest2

Iman Safar nezhad Head in the rim

Iman Safar Nezhad Slam dunk hanging the rim one hand

Iman Safar Nezhad

Iman Safar Nezhad 5 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

He practice slam dunk 4-6 hours everyday

Iman Safar Nezhad weight is 230 lb (104 kg)

Iman Safar Nezhad height is 6’6″ (198 cm)

He earned the nicknames like “The Animal” & “Hulk”

Iman Safar Nezhad Instagram profile is @its_iman and his twitter is @its_iman32