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Imtiaz Rafi Butt is one of Pakistan’s leading real estate developers and Chairman of the prestigious Rafi Group, which has given the city some magnificent commercial arcades and housing schemes.

He is also Chairman of the Jinnah-Rafi Foundation, which he set up in 1989 in memory of the Quaid-e-Azam and his father, Muhammad Rafi Butt.

The Foundation is devoted to research and publication, national integration and the dissemination of the Quaid’s ideas.

“My dear Quaid-e-Azam” (Jinnah-Rafi Correspondence) and “At Quaid’s Service”, a biography of M. Rafi Butt, are two of its major publications.

Imtiaz Rafi Butt is also the Honorary Consul for Malaysia in Lahore.

His office in Empire Centre, Main Boulevard Gulberg is an elegant piece of construction.

Large spacious and well-organized, it is tastefully furnished with comfortable settees and other exquisite items of furniture.

Dozens of photographs of the Quaid-e-Azam and M. Rafi Butt dating back to the years of the freedom struggle, line the walls and give the place an aura of a historical gallery.

Despite his many pursuits and pressing engagements, Imtiaz Rafi was kind enough to spare some time to speak about his early years, his efforts to discover his father and the effect the discovery had on him.

He also spoke on the work of the Jinnah-Rafi Foundation, democracy, the current political and economic scene, the Rafi Group, his new Green Fields project and his vision of Pakistan.

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The Rafi Group has given the city of Lahore some notable buildings.

It has pioneered multi-purpose commercial complexes.

Central Plaza in Garden Town and Empress Towers on Empress Road are noteworthy examples of our efforts in this regard.

Empire Centre in Main Boulevard Gulberg introduced a new concept of a shopping mall.

Green Acres farm-housing scheme was the first of its kind in the suburbs of Lahore.

It attracted the Lahore elite who bought plots and constructed their houses collectively there.

Defence Shopping Mall in Defence Boulevard is also a trail-blazer and the first to offer a “one-use only” shopping mall.

There will be shopping activity on all the floors and plenty of places for car parking.

Our basic principle is to deliver the future of tomorrow today.

We are innovative in our outlook and welcome change.

A No magic formula or shortcut to be sure.

The secret, perhaps, lies in our professional attitude.

The clients have confidence in us.

They know that their investment will be secure; their money is safe.

In land development it is the credibility that counts, not the number of projects that you have undertaken or completed.

And in the matter of credibility, Rafi Group is right at the top in Pakistan.

I may also mention that as Chairman I am very sensitive to complaints coming from my clients.

I am glad to say that I have not received a single complaint so far.

Apart from all this our success rests equally on sound planning.