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An actor from New York has been making headlines these days. He appears in NBC’S Law and Order and other shows too.

Whereas people are now searching for him on the internet so in this article you will going to read his bio.

He is 41 years old and along with his acting, he is also knowns for his music.

He is getting into the news headlines so it is creating a curiousness in the people’s minds to know more about him.

Isaiah is a musician and an actor who has been a native of New York City. He is from a family who was music passionate.

His grandfather used to be a player at Blues and if we talk about his father then he is a jazz musician.

Thus the actor has also passionate about music and his musical talent is commendable.

He has seen in numerous television dramas and his acting is remarkable. Whereas has a huge fan base.

He came in the fame after his shows including Blue Bloods, The Americans, and Rescue Me.

After these shows, he receives fame and created a huge fan base.

After this, he becomes more noticeable when he played a role in NBC’S Law and Order.

He played the role of Tyrone Beckwith in the year 2009.

If we talk about his appearance in Boardwalk Empire then he is gaming, which was released in 2019.

This sounds interesting that a tv actor is also known for music.

He is from a family where his dad and grandfather both are passionate men for music and they even indulged in the same.

When he was in college he launched his first mixtape which is titled “Like it to Not Vol.”

After this, he releases one more hit and is entitled “I Love You” and this was a hit.

It gained lots of positive responses on his college campus. Then he started his record label which was named FONTY.

He was also seen in teh mixtapes including DJ Self and Unsigned Underground. He also created a music album named Pleasure Paradise.

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Isaiah Stokes 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Fans have recently been searching about Law and Order: SVU actor Isaiah Stokes.

The New York Actor who has been making headlines lately is known for his acting role in NBC’s Law and Order and many other shows.

Aside from his acting gigs, the 41-year-old star has also made his mark in the world of music.

Isaiah is a Queens-born, New York City native actor and musician. He is the son of a Jazz musician and his grandfather used to be a Blues player, who had a passion for music.

The actor had inherited his father’s and grandfather’s passion for music and entertainment.

Since 2006, the New York native has appeared in many staple dramas of a number of television networks.

Some of his most notable acting roles were his two-episode stints on shows such as Rescue Me, The Americans, and Blue Bloods.

However, he is best known for his appearance in NBC’s Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. He appeared on the show in 2009 and played Tyrone Beckwith.

His other acting credits include Boardwalk Empire and his recent role was in the 2019 TV series Power.

While Isaiah’s acting career was mostly limited to TV his music career is more diverse.

The artist released his first mixtape while he was still in college at Delaware State University. His mixtape was entitled Like it or not Vol. I.

Another one of his hit singles from the time is I love you, Isaiah.

The song gained popularity in both his college campus and commercial radio stations in the area. He started his own record label called FONTY Records shortly after.

In 2002, the star’s music career catapulted to success after he toured with legendary Jazz musician Donald Byrd.

Following this, he entered talent shows such as Jimmy’s Uptown Café and Monday Night Madness with Maria Davis at the Soul Café to showcases his singing skills.

He has appeared on mixtapes like Unsigned Underground, and DJ Self a.k.a. the prince of New York.

He went on to create music videos for I Love You Isaiah and another one entitled Pleasure’s Paradise.