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Ivan is gorgeous, but it was his thoughtful spoken-word performance during the talent competition and one-on-one with Bachelorette star Tayshia Adams that got everyone talking.

During their date, Ivan opened to Tayshia up about his younger brother, Gabe, who struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, and was in jail for four years, before the two discussed what the Black Lives Matter movement means to them.

Afterward, Ivan’s name started trending on Twitter, and now people are low-key obsessed with him. Evidence:

Ivan is 28, according to his official Bachelorette bio.

While Ivan isn’t as outgoing as some other contestants (cough, Bennett and Noah, cough), he is a trailblazer.

Ivan recently shared on Twitter that he’s the first Black and Asian contestant on the show, a fact he’s proud of.

So, Ivan is an aeronautical engineer, per his Bachelorette bio.

In Ivan’s case, he’s been a senior software quality engineer for Lockheed Martin for nearly three years, according to his LinkedIn profile.

And before that, he was a systems engineer at Northrup Grumman.

Ivan’s Bachelorette bio mentions his mom several times. “He is very close with his mom and says he talks to her every day,” it reads, before noting that Ivan’s favorite foods “always come from his mom’s Filipino cooking.” Aww!

Ivan’s mom has even popped into his Instagrams, with him sharing a sweet birthday tribute to his mother, calling her “the best mom in the world!”

Like most Bachelorette contestants, Ivan has shared several thirst trap-style pics and videos of himself doing sporty stuff.

There’s one of him playing tennis shirtless, and another of him posing with a resistance band—also sans shirt.

Ivan was a really sporadic Instagrammer before he was cast on the show—so no old photos with exes—and he hasn’t said much about his dating past on the show.

His Bachelorette bio does say, though, that he made it a point “to have fun and enjoy the single life in his mid-twenties.”

Now, though, “it’s time to settle down,” his bio says.

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Ivan Bachelorette 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Ivan’s favorite foods always come from his mom’s Filipino cooking.

Ivan is a recovered Croc enthusiast.

Ivan loves high-end cars and wants to run his own exotic car rental company one day.

Hall lives in Dallas, TX, but grew up in Plano, TX, and was born in Chicago, IL.

His favorite sports teams hail from either Chicago or Dallas, per his Facebook. Per his LinkedIn, he’s an engineer at Lockheed Martin (sooo…he’s smart, basically) and he got his B.S. from Texas Tech.

His ABC bio literally says he’s “building jets for the U.S. military,” so he’s definitely got a ton to tell Adams about.

His Insta bio also says he’s an “investor.” Apparently he also wants to own his own exotic car rental company one day—and his Insta highlights features vintage cars. Oh and exercise: He’s super into working out.

Hall’s Instagram is filled with family, including his dad and brother (he’s also referred to himself as a “middle child” so he may have two siblings):

Ready for some spoilers? Okay, let’s go: Hall makes Tayshia Adams’ final four, but he doesn’t end up winning (although her eventual winner, Zac Clark, doesn’t technically win either—the two don’t end up getting engaged).

But Hall does make hometowns—which are set in vintage Airstreams this season, if you wondered how that’s going to go—so he’s sent home somewhere between introducing Adams to his family and proposing to her.