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During a traditional festive phone call on 24 December, Joe Biden was allegedly tricked into repeating a vulgar slogan in conversation with a caller.

After reportedly insulting the US President, the couple involved is now facing backlash online. Who are Amanda and Jared Schmeck following the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ prank call?

On 24 December, Joe and Jill Biden hosted a traditional White House Christmas event whereby they answered phone calls with children tracking Santa’s sleigh.

During a festive call, a father named Jared Schmeck dropped a vulgar anti-Biden slogan into a conversation with the US President, as reported by Sky News.

After wishing them a Merry Christmas, the caller told the President “Let’s go Brandon”.

“Let’s go Brandon” became a trending slur and viral meme when an NBC reporter misheard an anti-Biden chant after Brandon Brown won his first-ever NASCAR Xfinity Series. Read more about the event here.

Apparently unaware of the insult, Biden responded in agreement on the live-streamed call by replying with “Let’s go Brandon, I agree”, before the call was disconnected.

A user in support of the contraversial situation, @davidjharrisjr, shared the clip via Instagram.

Jared Schmeck is a former police officer and electric company worker from Central Point, Oregon.

The 35-year-old was previously a Medford police officer for six years before he resigned in July 2018, according to Oregon Live.

In his Instagram bio, @therealjaredschmeck describes himself as a husband, father, free-thinking American, Jesus follower, Trump supporter and a Patriot.

Amanda Schmeck is the wife of Jared Schmeck. They have been married for over 13 years after tying the knot on 8 August 2008, as per The Sun.

The pair share four children together, who were featured on the Santa tracker call with the Bidens.

After the supposed prank call took place, Amanda Schmeck posted a video of the interaction to the family’s YouTube channel named GriffinhunterTCG.

Amanda Schmeck also posted the footage onto her Instagram page with the following caption, along with two laughing-crying face emojis:

“My husband may or may not have just told joe and jill Biden ‘let’s go Brandon’ on the phone,”

Oregon Live reports that Jared Schmeck has insisted he was joking and meant no disrespect to the president with no intention for his parting message to be vulgar:

Jared told The Oregonian/OregonLive:

“At the end of the day, I have nothing against Mr. Biden, but I am frustrated because I think he can be doing a better job.”

Reports state that Jared Schmeck’s wife Amanda has now taken down her Instagram following the backlash she received for posting the video.

Sabrina Pavel, Jared’s sister in law and owner of Silver Dog Digital has also taken down her Instagram.

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Jared Schmeck 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Jared Michael Schmeck is a white man from Central Point, Oregon, United States. He describes himself as a free thinker.

Aside from Central Point, Schmeck has lived in other parts of Oregon including Klamath Falls.