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Sidney Poitier’s ex-wife
Spouse: Sidney Poitier (m. 1950–1965)
Children: Sherri Poitier, Beverly Poitier-Henderson, Gina Poitier, Pamela Poitier

Sidney Poitier’s first wife Juanita Hardy has not been featured on Wikipedia as of yet. Learn more details about her in the following article.

Juanita Hardy is the Founder and Managing Principal of Tigar Management Consulting Group. She joined the consulting company in 2006 and has been part of the company for the past 15 years.

Hardy is known as the ex-wife of popular actor Sidney Poitier. She was the first wife of the actor and has four daughters together.

We found Hardy on LinkedIn where she has a page. Her page features her short bio and we can find further details about her professional life as well.

Juanita is the ex-wife of Bahamian-American actor, Sidney Poitier.

sidney poitier at home in 1959 with juanita hardy. (photo by gordon parks) pic.twitter.com/Zfs0yZ0ce7

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Juanita and Poitier got married in 1950 and have four daughters, Beverly, Pamela, Sherri, and Gina Poitier. Their marriage lasted 15 years and they went their separate ways in 1950.

Juanita Hardy’s age is expected to be somewhere between 70 to 80 years old.

Although her age details are unavailable for now, we have assumed her age based on her appearance. Her husband, Sidney Poitier was 94 years old when he passed away.

Juanita Hardy is not married in 2022.

After ending her marriage with Sidney Poitier, she has not married anyone. There is no information regarding her second marriage as she has kept her personal details away from the limelight.

For now, Hardy seems to be living a happy life with her family and busy with her professional work. We hope to update further information as soon as possible.

The former wife of deceased Sidney Poitier is the founder and managing principal of a consulting group Tiger Management.

Juanita and Poitier ended their relationship after 15 years of marriage in 1965. After the end of her marriage, she focused more on her professional career.

Hardy joined IBM Global Services in 1974 and spent more than three decades. She was the National Leader for IBM State and Local Outstanding and left her position in June 2005.

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Juanita Hardy is well known for being the ex-wife of famed actor Sidney Poitier. Hollywood has been shocked and awe news after the death of Sidney Poitier.

Juanita Hardy died at the old age of 94. As per several sources, he passed away on 7 January. The cause of his death has not been opened as of now.

He has been suffering from severe health ailments since the 1990s. Previously, he also got diagnosed with prostate cancer but recovered after undergoing intensive therapy and became well at he was 66 years old.

After the incident, Poitier left alcohol, red meat, and sugar to maintain his body level. It was this dedication that has prolonged his life.

She has not disclosed much information related to her father and mother’s name and their respective details as of now.