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Justice Shahid Karim Profile

Pakistani legal scholar

Conceived: August 20, 1964 (age 55 years)

Shahid Karim (brought into the world 20 August 1964) is a Pakistani legal scholar who has been Justice of the Lahore High Court since 7 November 2014.

He was a piece of the exceptional court which heard the high injustice body of evidence against Pervez Musharraf a

nd one of the main two judges who indicted him for this wrongdoing and condemned him to death.

This was the first run through in Pakistan’s history that a military tyrant was indicted for high injustice.

He couldn’t help contradicting Para 66 of the decision in which managing judge Waqar Ahmed Seth guided law requirement offices

to discover Musharraf’s body in the event that he bites the dust without encountering the discipline of hanging till death

and drag his body to D-Chowk of Islamabad and hang it there for three days.

Justice Shahid Karim Profile

Equity Shahid Karim conceived on Aug 20, 1964, was selected judge of the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Nov 7, 2014 and will resign on Aug 19, 2026.

He is on number 24 of the position rundown of 45 judges of the LHC.

Equity Shahid Karim consented to the judgment, yet said he varied with the discipline endorsed by Justice Seth.

He said that tragically no preliminaries of conspiracy had been effectively indicted previously, along these lines enabling tyrants

to go crazy in the nation on a few events.

In any case, he noticed that the discipline recommended by Justice Seth “has no premise in law and will be ultra vires for this Court to do as such.

As I would like to think, it is sufficient to condemn the denounced to death.”

Not long after the point by point decision against previous president resigned Gen Pervez Musharraf in the high injustice case

went to the fore on Thursday, individuals from the lawful crew started saying something regarding the seriousness of section 66

which requires the previous president’s body to be “hauled to D-Chowk” in Islamabad and “hanged for three days”.

Justice Shahid Karim Profile

The judgment has been created by Peshawar High Court Chief Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth who has coordinated open hanging.

Equity Shahid Karim of the Lahore High Court and Justice Nazar Akbar of the Sindh High Court have couldn’t help contradicting

such a technique for execution recommended by their individual judge.

Lawful guide for the International Commission of Jurists Reema Omer gave a breakdown of every one of the three judges’

commitment to the judgment in a progression of tweets.

She named Justice Seth’s judgment as “condemnable and unlawful” and discovered Justice Karim’s supposition “solid” by and large.

She required a survey of the judgment and said there were different justification for bid accessible.

Justice Shahid Karim Profile

Attorney Asad Rahim Khan reminded everybody that the nation had battled against the hazard that had gotten delight

from precisely this sort of “cadaver hauling”.

“No sentence in law accommodates a three-day lynching and no wrongdoing in this nation draws in it. Equity is never the crowd,” he composed.

‘Memorable judgment looted of lawful holiness’

Legal advisor Salahuddin Ahmed lamented that a something else “well-contemplated and noteworthy judgment’

had been burglarized of its good and legitimate sacredness by “18 badly thought about words”.

“Indeed, the ‘hanging body’ bit may not be a piece of the greater part’s successful request however why for

what reason can’t passes judgment on fight the temptation to show off?” he pondered.

‘Improper and unordinary’

Universal legal advisor Taimur Malik said section 66 is “improper and strange” and thought

about what the uncommon court’s destinations were in recommending such a discipline.

‘What is this?’

Justice Shahid Karim Profile

Attorney and rights extremist Nighat Dad additionally raised doubt about the combative passage.

“Point by point judgment of the uncommon court is out yet what precisely is this?” she said.

‘Superfluous showy behavior’s

Legal counselor Zafar Zulqarnain Sahi, denouncing the judgment, said that what as of now does “hang by the neck”

is the “judiciousness, reasonableness, fair-mindedness and decency of this whole judgment”.

Moreover, he said that calls for such a capital punishment “are completely pointless showy behavior”.

“This will stand out forever as the most noticeably awful para in a judgment. Despite the disdain of court may I say this is plain moronic,” he included.


Attorney Hassan A. Niazi said that the passage being referred to is “appalling”

and communicated help that a contradicting view by Justice Shahid Karim had been displayed.

“What kind of madness was experiencing the brain of Justice Seth?

You should maintain the standard of law, not the standard of the lynch crowd,” he said.

justice shahid karim profile