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Justine Cullen is an editor in chief at Jone magazine.

She is also known for her work as a beauty editor for the Australian publication Elle.

She has spent more than eight years at the award-winning Elle Magazine.

She is also a renowned author who has dedicated her life to writing on fashion.

Name Justine Cullen

Age 40 years old

Gender Female

Nationality American

Profession Journalist

Husband Hayden Guppy

Children Milo, Iggy, Scout (sons) and Odie (daughter)

Talking about Justine Cullen’s husband, she was married to Hayden Guppy.

Guppy is a former TV host who now works as a developer in Texas. The pair wed in the year 2019. 

Together, they had four lovely children, three sons Milo, Iggy, Scout, and a daughter Odie. 

After Justine Cullen’s latest interview with SMH, Justine stated they are no longer together.

Justine also claimed that the pair didn’t have little in common, which may be one reason for their breakup.

Currently, Justine Cullen is 40 years old.

The white woman is yet to share her birthdays in the media. 

Justine Cullen was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her identity is American, and her nationality is white.

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Justine Cullen 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Justine Cullen’s bio hasn’t been featured on the official page of Wikipedia.

She has a Linkedin profile, where she states that she has been the editor-in-chief of Jones magazine since 2018.

Before living in Kent, she lived in Amsterdam and London. Justine has been designing and producing jewelry for the past eight years.

She attended Holts Academy and was nominated for a ‘Holts Academy Award’ in the ‘best young designer’ in 2008.

Vogue magazine has published an article on her.

Justine Cullen and her husband Hayden Guppy are not together anymore but it is not clear whether they are divorced or not.

Justine Cullen is the editor-in-chief at Jone magazine.

Most people know her for working as the beauty editor for the Elle Australian magazine.

In Cullen’s recent interview with the SMH, Justine Cullenrevealed that she is no longer together with her husband Hayden Guppy.

Justine also stated that she had a perfectly good husband with whom she spends and had her best moments.

According to her, a partner’s innate goodness is not enough to sustain a happy and successful marriage.

Justine also mentioned that the couple did not have anything in common, which could be the possible reason for their separation.

She did not clarify if she was already divorced or in the process of divorce in her interview.

Cullen got four children named Milo, Iggy, Scout, and Odie.

As of 2021, Justine’s actual age is 40 years old.

She was born in the year 1981 and she celebrates her birthday on the month of March with her family and beloved ones.

But, her day of birth is still under review.

Cullen’s nationality is Australian meanwhile, her ethnicity is under review.

She does have her account on Linkedin, where it has mentioned she is editor in chief at Jones magazine since 2018.