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K Vijay Bhaskar 10 Personal Facts, Biography, Wiki

Indian film director

Education: Sainik School, Korukonda

Awards: Filmfare Award for Best Director – Telugu, National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu

K Vijaya Bhaskar is an Indian film Director, who has worked predominantly in Telugu movie industry.

Vijaya Bhaskar has directed many popular movies like Swayamvaram, Nuvve Kavali, Nuvvu Naaku Nachav, Malliswari and Jai Chiranjeeva.

Director Trivikram Srinivas written story and dialogues for most of the movies for Vijaya Bhaskar.

He won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu for Nuvve Kavali (2000).

K Vijay Bhaskar 10 Pics, Photos, Pictures

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director vijay bhaskar daughter marriage photos

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K Vijay Bhaskar 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

K. Vijaya Bhaskar is Indian film director who works mainly in the Telugu film industry.

He won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu for Nuvve Kavali (2000).

He is an alumnus of Sainik School, Korukonda.

K Vijaya Bhaskar ruled the roost in Telugu Film Industry until he continued his association with Trivikram Srinivas.

Except ‘Jai Chiranjeeva’, All of their films (‘Swayamvaram’, ‘Nuvve Kavali’, Nuvvu Naku Nachav’, ‘Manmadhudu’ and ‘Malleswari’) were good hits.

The down fall of Vijaya Bhaskar began after Trivikram ended their joint ventures and turned into a Director with ‘Nuvve Nuvve’.

Films such as ‘Classmates’, ‘Bhale Dongalu’, ‘Prema Kavali’ and ‘Masala’ had bombed.

Now, K Vijaya Bhaskar’s Son Kamal is being launched as a Hero.

However, This one-time Top Filmmaker won’t be directing his son’s launch pad. Debutante filmmaker Kali is going to wield the megaphone.

Right now, Kamal is undergoing training to bring out the best in him while facing the camera.

Vijaya Bhaskar has been responsible for the biggest hits in the careers of Venu, Tarun, Venkatesh and Nagarjuna.

Can Kali offer the best launch for this Star Director’s Son?

K.Vijaya Bhaskar is a well-known Telugu film director. He has been appreciated for almost all the films that he has directed.

However, he is famous for his prowess in comedy-oriented films like Nuvve Kavali, Nuvvu Naaku Nachav, and Manmadhudu. K. Vijaya Bhaskar is a native of village Avanigadda in Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh.

At the age of ten, he was admitted to Sainik School, Korukonda. Since his childhood, he was inclined towards the film industry.

He used to watch a lot of films and while doing that, he was very observant and always used to feel that some scenes could have been shot in a better way.

After schooling, he joined the Indian Air Force in 1979.

He served there for almost seven years, but the undying urge to work in the film industry never left him.

He used to feel that his heart belongs somewhere i.e., cinema continuously.

He struggled ceaselessly with his dilemma and finally chose his passion.

In 1986, he started working as a coadjutor for director B. Gopal, who was then directing the Hindi remake of the Telugu film ‘Pratidhwani.’

There, he got the chance to learn more about filmmaking. In 1991, a film named ‘Prarthana’ was directed by him, which did not do well at the box office but got fine reviews from critics.

The failure of ‘Prarthana’ compelled him to introspect.

He took a break of seven and a half years, and during that time, he watched many films and observed the different styles of shooting in Telugu, Hindi, and English films.

He learned the finest details about the art of film direction. He then waited for the right opportunity.

He got several offers for filmmaking but was not fully confident about any of them and didn’t want to risk it.

He searched for an interesting storyline, and his hunt ended with writer Trivikram Srinivas’s ‘Swayamvaram’ in the year 1988.

The film was released in 1999, and it got him recognition as a director.

After that he made ‘Nuvve Kavali’ (2000) and ‘Nuvvu Naaku Nachav’ (2001).

Both the films were a huge success at the box office.

Nuvve Kavali was bestowed with the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu, and K. Vijaya Bhaskar was honored with the Filmfare Award for Best Director.

These two films have established him as a skilled director in the Telugu film Industry. Manmadhudu (2002), Tujhe Meri Kasam (2003, Bollywood film), Malliswari (2004), Jai Chiranjeeva (2005), Classmates (2007), Bhale Dongalu (2008), Prema Kavali (2011) and Masala (2013) are some of the films directed by him. K. Vijaya Bhaskar has gained immense success in the short span of his directorial career.

It has only been possible because of his faith in himself.

Vijayabhaskar’s Nuvve Kavali did a fantabulous job at the box office and it was one of the super hit films in that decade.

The film is the official remake of “Niram,” a Malayalam movie directed by popular Malayalam director “Kamal” with Kunchacko Boban and Shalini Ajith Kumar.

Vijayabhaskar is very proud of Tarun and Richa Palod, who played the lead roles in Nuvve Kavali.