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Singer Roger Waters has tied the knot for the fifth time.

The 78-year-old married Kamilah Chavis, the love of his life, at Waters’ Bridgehampton estate in New York.

He had purchased the property for $16.2 million back in 2010.

Waters has revealed that he met Chavis at Coachella where she worked as his chauffeur.

The pair reportedly got engaged this year, and according to some reports, the singer introduced Chavis as his fiancee at a Hamptons party.

Roger shared pictures from his wedding day on Instagram and Twitter.

The event took place near the water’s edge and the couple kissed each other in one of the pictures shared by Roger.

An interview from 2018 unveiled how Waters met Chavis.

While speaking with Infobae, Roger Waters said that they have been together for many years.

He went on to say that he met her at one of his concerts while she was working in transportation and driving his car.

Waters said he was in one location for two weeks and was transferred several times between the hotel and stadium.

When asked about how he wooed Kamilah, Roger Waters said that one day, he met her and asked if anyone had ever complimented her beautiful cheekbones.

Upon seeing her reaction, he knew that it was the beginning of their relationship.

The couple made their first public appearance at the Venice Film Festival in 2019.

The pictures from their wedding prove that they are very happy.

However, detailed information about Kamilah Chavis’ early life, education, and career remains unavailable for now.

Also known as George Roger Waters, he is a well-known songwriter, singer, bassist, and composer.

He is the co-founder of progressive rock band Pink Floyd.

He first married his childhood love Judith Trim in 1969. They divorced in 1975 and Trim later died in 2001.

The 78-year-old then married Lady Carolyne Christie in 1976. They welcomed a son, Harry Waters, and daughter, India Waters.

The pair divorced in 1992.

Roger Waters then tied the knot with Priscilla Phillips in 1993 and welcomed a son, Jack Fletcher. They separated in 2001.

Waters then got engaged to actress and filmmaker Laurie Durning in 2004. They got married in 2012 and separated in 2015.

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An English phenomenal singer George Roger Waters is hitting the headlines after announcing the fifth marriage of his life.

Yes, you read it right that your favorite singing star recently got married the fifth time.

He revealed his wedding news on his social media handle by posting some pictures from the wedding day.

Roger Waters is one of the most famous and established singers. He has gained huge popularity and reputation in his singing career.

He has sung numerous songs and has earned appreciation for them. Recently, he announced his fifth wedding with Kamilah Chavis.

Roger Water is 78 years old who get married to his driver. She is a beautiful 43 years old lady and she used to be his driver.

They were dating each other for the last five years. And they are happily married.

The name of a woman is Kamilah Chavi’s and she received the first compliment from Water, that her cheekbones are so attractive.

After which their love life has been started. Even the ex-wife of Roger also wished him a happy married life.

This is the fifth time when he get married.

George Roger Water is an English singer, songwriter, composer, and bassist who was born on 06 September 1947.

As of 2021, she is 78 years old. In 1965, he co-founded the progressive rock band named “Pink Floyd”.

Being a member of the member, so many of their concept albums have got international success including The Wall, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Dark Side of the Moon.

He has also released several solo studio albums such as Is This the Life We Really Want? The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking, Amused to Death, and Radio K.A.O.S.

In October 2021, Roger tied the knot with Kamilah Chavis at the age of 78. He announced his marriage news on his social media handle.

He shared some beautiful pictures of their marriage.

After seeing the marriage pictures, there is no doubt that the two seem very happy together.

The pictures of both are extremely beautiful and mesmerizing. The couple seems deep in love with each other.

The pair is looking extremely stunning with each other.

Talking about their clothes, so Roger can be seen wearing a black expensive Tuccido, while Kamila has worn a gorgeous net gown.

It is Roger’s fifth marriage. Before Kamila, he has been married four times to different women.

Her first wife was Judith Trim who was his childhood love. They both got married in 1969. She was a well-known potter.

According to Roger’s Wikipedia, they both separated in 1975. She passed away in 2001.

His second wife was Priscilla Philips with whom he had a son whose name is Jack Fletcher.

The duo split in 2001 after 7 years of their marriage.

Then he got married to Lady Carolyne Christie and had a son with her whose name is Harry Waters.

His fourth wife was Laurie Durning with whom he married in 2012 and after two years, the couple announced their separation, and their divorce was finalized in 2015.

In October 2021, George Roger Walters again exchanged marriage vows with Kamilah Chavis.

Name Kamilah Chavis
Husband Name George Roger Waters
Age 40 Years
Profession N/A

Height 5’8
Birth Place Great Bookham, United Kingdom
Religion Christianity
Nationality British