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Among many scars the ill-fated PIA Flight-8303 left us, is the loss of the young civil servant and head of the Punjab reforms programme Khalid Sherdil.

An officer of the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) Sherdil’s repute was that of an honest, efficient, competent and above all always ready-to-help officer.

During his illustrious career, Khalid Sherdil worked on a number of projects including Saaf Pani Project, administrative reforms and e-governance and his innovative style of working was always appreciated by his senior officers and the government of the time.

During his work as Project Director of Model Villages programme (worth $22 million) 22 villages were equipped with schools, technical training centers, dispensaries, parks, solar electricity, bio-gas, etc.

These villages were destroyed an all their infrastructure damaged during 2010 floods but Sherdil with utmost diligence, dedication and hard work not only rebuilt these villages but turned them into model types.

He also led the project for disbursement of flood-damage compensation ($325 million in form of debit cards) to over 1 million flood-affected families of Punjab.

Khalid also served as Deputy Secretary for Agriculture Department, and for Information Technology Department and was responsible for executing e-Governance projects and implementing the government’s IT policy on education & public services delivery.

Khalid Sherdil 10 Pics, Photos, Pictures

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In the beginning of his career as young civil servant, Khalid Sherdil served as Assistant Commissioner of Murree and Lahore Cantt.

As a researcher in social issues as well as IT, he authored twelve publications in journals and international conferences.

His father, A Z K Sherdil was a former Chief Secretary Punjab and a federal secretary. Khalid’s brother, Mujahid Sherdil is also a PAS officer
While talking to Pakistan Observer, Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat said “Sir Khalid Sherdil was extremely compassionate nice and helpful officer and always remained keen to help the juniors.”

His death is indeed a huge loss for the civil service and we will always miss him as our elder brother.

I always learnt a great deal from him whenever I had the chance to meet or work with him, said Hamza Shafqaat.

He rated Khalid Sherdil among the officers who were seen as role model by their junior officers.

Khalid Sherdil’s death has served a blow to the reforms programme he had initiated in the province, said Hamza Shafqaat.

Kanwal Batool Naqvi another officer of PAS called Khalid Sherdil a ‘guardian angel’ and pledged she would try to follow his noble example in delegation of her duties.