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Pakistani film actress

Born: February 25, 1975 (age 45 years), Dubai

Movies: Kala Pul: The Black Bridge

NAME: Kiran Khan

GENDER: Female

PROFESSION: Actress/Model/Hostess

AGE: 41



DATE OF BIRTH: February 25, 1975

CITY: Karachi/Dubai

COUNTRY: Pakistan/United Arab Emirates

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Kiran Khan 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

The powerhouse of talent, Kiran Khan is one of the most popular names in Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

She is popular as the host of Masala TV. The beautiful lady is not only a host and also a popular actress and producer.

Her charming personality and cute smile can make anyone fall head over heels in love with her.

If we say that style and class befit Kiran more than anyone else in the industry, so t wouldn’t be wrong.

She is not only in her family who belongs to showbiz field. Her sister Amber Khan is also famous face of industry.

Kiran was born on 25 February 1975 in Dubai. She got her education from Dubai.

Later she moved to Pakistan and now she is living in Karachi city. Kiran begun her career on TV as host.

Her debut show was for Indus TV. People loved her hosting skills and she won many hearts with her talking style and humble attitude.

After that Kiran facilitated numerous TV shows of various channels. Most of her shows as host are cooking shows.

She has worked with almost all the top and famous chef of Pakistan. Kiran has done hosting for Zubaida Aapa Cooking show also.

The audience love to see Kiran and Zubaida Aapa together.

Kiran is also one of the most popular morning show host. She also did one morning show with Fahad Mustafa of Hum TV.

Which was one of the most famous and commercially successful morning show of that time.

Kiran is jaunty and chatty naturally and keeps the viewers occupied with various themes.

She has won numerous awards for her fine hosting skills. She is not only a host but also a well known actress.

Kiran showed her talent as actress on big screen. She acted in the short film “Kala Pul”. Which was a US-Pakistani short film.

She had also served as a producer as well. And produced an Indian show named “Rang De India”.

She married twice. From her first marriage, she has two children. She married again with a former Pakistan Army Major.

Kiran Khan is a famous TV host of Pakistan who has now become an actress.

Kiran was born in Dubai and she also completed her studies from Dubai.

Later she moved to Pakistan and now she is residing in Karachi city.

Kiran Khan started her career on TV as a host of a show of Indus TV channel.

Her hosting entertained audiences and the journey of her success started.

After that Kiran Khan hosted many famous TV shows of different channels. She mostly hosts cooking shows along with different chefs.

She has worked with almost every chef of Pakistan. Kiran has hosted shows of famous and top chefs of Pakistan such as Zubaida Aapa.

The viewers love to see the chemistry of Kiran and Zubaida Aapa.

Kiran is very jolly and talkative by nature and keeps the viewers engaged in different topics.

She has won many awards for her marvelous hosting. As an actress Kiran Khan has worked on big screen.

She has acted in the movie ‘Kala Pul’ which was a US-Pakistani short film. Kiran is also working as a model in showbiz.

She has done many photo shoots for different advertisements. Kiran has worked in TV commercials too.

Kiran is a multi talented personality and she has shown her skills in different fields of showbiz.

She has worked as a producer too and has produced an Indian show named ‘Rang De India’.

The first marriage of Kiran Khan was not successful and she got divorced after three years.

She has two children from her first husband.

The second marriage ceremony of Kiran Khan took place in 2013 with a retired army major of Pakistan.

It was a grand event and many showbiz personalities and close friends of Kiran attended this marriage ceremony.

Kiran is now happy with her second husband.

Kiran Khan was also invited as a guest with her husband on different morning shows after the marriage.

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