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Laila Wasti 10 Personal Facts, Biography, Wiki

Birth Day: 10-Apr

Birth Place:

Gender: Female

Nationality: Pakistani & American

Height: 5 feet 7.5 inch

Education: Graduation in English Literature (Saint Joseph Convent)

Education: Masters in Film Making (University of California, Los Angeles)

Siblings: Has one elder brother Rehan

Parents: Rizwan Wasti (father), Tahira Wasti (mother)

Spouse: Married to Fahad since 27 Dec 2008

Kids: Nil

Laila Wasti (real name Syeda Saira Wasti) is a Pakistani TV actress and is the daughter of a popular TV actress Tahira Wasti.

Her father Rizwan Wasti also belonged to the showbiz industry. Her famous dramas include Sangsar, Iltija, Daldal, and Qismat Ka Likha.

She graduated in English literature from Saint Joseph Convent and did her Master’s in filmmaking from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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Laila Wasti 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Laila Wasti is a great Pakistani drama actress who is so much talented and hard working.

She did so many good projects in which she plays every kind of roles like negative and positive both.

Some of Laila Wasti’s known projects are Ahsas, Teri Meri Kahani, Dhund and so many others.

She is a such a beautiful and talented actress.

Wasti was born in 1944 at Sargodha, Khushab, (British India) now in Pakistan.[6]

Laila was suffering from a life-threatening disease cancer and she had treatment in the US.

Now she is fine and returns to her homeland , she is working in dramas again.

She is cousin of Maria Wasti.

Laila Wasti spoke about her cancer journey and revealed how she stayed positive throughout the treatment in a recent interview.

She also shared her thoughts about nepotism as she is the daughter of famous stars Tahira Wasti and Rizwan Wasti.

The actress revealed that she was never interested in acting, she shared, “My mother and father used to encourage me a lot but I didn’t want to pursue it.

I even learned playing harmonium as a child and even hated that; even though music really helped me later on in life.

I was 16 or 17 when my mother had written a mystery play Begum Haveli and Kazim Pasha sahab was directing it and he asked me to act, and I love mysteries as a genre so I was intrigued.”

Laila also thinks that nepotism debate is unnecessary, she said, “I was born and raised in the environment where all the legendary artists and showbiz people were in my surroundings.

It was inevitable for me to not know them and they offered me roles but I never took the profession for granted, once I started working.

Nobody can survive here with consistent bad work if they have parents in the industry; it is impossible.”

Wasti talked about how she stayed strong throughout her cancer journey, she said, “What I have learnt it that if I cannot do 5 simple things in my life due to my differently-abled body, there are always 5 more things that I can do that someone else cannot.

And I tend to focus on those 5 things and be great; shukar Alhumdulillah.”

She further stated, “If you focus on negativity, all you see is negativity, if you focus on positivity then you always see Allah and his light.”

Wasti also said that during her cancer treatment it was painful for her to see her husband in pain as he has been her rock.

Laila Wasti, daughter of late veteran actors Rizwan and Tahira Wasti, is a name, not unknown to the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Many know how good of an actress Laila is but not a lot of people know that this talented actress suffered from a very rare type of Leukemia about 10 years ago.

In a recent show, Laila, shared her ordeal and fight with AML, a rare form of Leukemia and how she emerged as a survivor.

“I was diagnosed with AML back in the US, ten years ago.

My blood count had dropped significantly and I was lifted to John Hopkins where I was told that my Lukemia was very rare and that I would go through chemotherapy and radiation,” shared Laila.

Adding further, Laila stated, “I needed bone marrow transplant but none of my siblings matched.

However I was grateful to find 19 donors internationally.

But my body didn’t accept the blood and I fell further and very critically ill after the transfusion.”

Laila narrated her tale of being put on steroids to battle the disease and then losing her bone strength because of which she had to get hip and knee replacements done.

During the course of her critical treatment, Laila also lost her parents but she didn’t lose hope.

Laila also shared that her husband had been her biggest support during her treatment and had helped her cope up with life like a true life partner.