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Conceived: June 1, 1990 (age 29 years), New Delhi, India

Accomplice: Alok Dixit (2014–)

Youngsters: Pihu

Laxmi Agarwal (brought into the world 1 June 1990) is an Indian campaigner with Stop Sale Acid and a TV host.

She is a corrosive assault survivor and represents the privileges of corrosive assault unfortunate casualties.

She was assaulted in 2005 at age 15, by a 32-year-elderly person named Nadeem Khan ( Guddu ) whose advances she had rejected.

Her story, among others, was told in an arrangement on corrosive assault exploited people by Hindustan Times.

She has likewise pushed against corrosive assaults through social affair 27000 marks for a request to control corrosive deals,

and taking that reason to the Indian Supreme Court.

Her appeal drove the Supreme Court to arrange the focal and state governments to direct the closeout of corrosive,

and the Parliament to make arraignments of corrosive assaults simpler to pursue.

laxmi agarwal marriage photos, laxmi agarwal wiki

She is the Founder of Stop Sale Acid, a battle against corrosive brutality and clearance of corrosive.

Laxmi began this crusade with #StopSaleAcid which earned across the country support.

She as of late got International Women Empowerment Award 2019 from IWES, Ministry of Women and Child Development,

Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation and Unicef for her crusade Stop Sale Acid.

She is additionally the previous chief of Chhanv Foundation, a NGO devoted to help the overcomers of corrosive assaults in India.

Laxmi got a 2014 International Women of Courage grant by US First Lady Michelle Obama.

She was likewise picked as the NDTV Indian of the Year.

A motion picture is being made featuring on-screen character Deepika Padukone, which is propelled by her adventure as a corrosive assault survivor.

Laxmi was conceived in New Delhi in a white collar class family.

She was drawn nearer by a man Nadeem Khan in his mid thirties whose advances she dismissed. This brought about a corrosive assault on her.

laxmi agarwal marriage photos, laxmi agarwal wiki

Laxmi was involved with social lobbyist Alok Dixit. Be that as it may, she has been isolated from her accomplice since 2015.

At the point when they were as one, Alok chose not to get hitched and rather selected to be in a live-in relationship.

“We have chosen to live respectively until we bite the dust. Be that as it may, we are testing the general public by not getting hitched.

We don’t need individuals to go to our wedding and remark on Laxmi’s looks. The vibes of a lady are generally significant for individuals.

So we chose not to have any service,” said Alok.

Their families have acknowledged the relationship and furthermore their choice not to have a stylized wedlock.

Presently 24-year-old, Laxmi’s life flipped around when a man, whose proposition to be engaged she dismissed assaulted

and harmed her face with corrosive in 2005.

She declined his proposition nine years back when she was not really 15-year-old.

Once, she imagined that it’s an amazing finish, yet soon she got motivation to celebrate

as she went gaga for 25-year-old Kanpur-based social lobbyist, Alok Dixit.

laxmi agarwal marriage photos, laxmi agarwal wiki

Alok fundamentally runs a social battle against corrosive assaults, Spot of Shame, and it’s an online networking development.

Alok said that it was Laxmi’s soul that made him begin to look all starry eyed at her.

This is what he expressed in a meeting with a main every day:

“At the point when she came to us, she was intense and keen.

In contrast to different young ladies, who avoid society and for the most part move about with secured faces,

Laxmi moved unreservedly with an open face. I saw a warrior in her and progressively we became hopelessly enamored.”

The lovebirds settled on a choice to live in together, and not have a formal wedlock.

Truth be told, their families too acknowledged their choice, Laxmi stated:

“We don’t need individuals to go to our wedding and remark on my looks.

The vibes of a lady are generally significant for individuals. So we chose not to have any service.”

laxmi agarwal marriage photos, laxmi agarwal wiki

Laxmi Agarwal is a dissident who turned into a casualty of a corrosive assault at the delicate of 15.

Let us bring a delve into Laxmi’s battle to endure and her unbreakable methodology towards life after a corrosive assault.

Laxmi was conceived on 1 June 1990, in New Delhi.

This 28-year-old resilient lady is an unadulterated model for all the corrosive assault survivors over the world.

In 2005, 15-year-old Laxmi was assaulted by a 32-year-elderly person, Gudda a.k.a Nahim Khan and his 2 different companions

for dismissing his proposition to be engaged. Guddu was Laxmi’s companion’s senior sibling.

The corrosive assault distorted her face, her back, and numerous different pieces of her body. Soon after her recuperation,

she left her home to battle for ‘Stop Acid Attacks’ and filled in as a crusade organizer and furthermore documented a PIL

where she argued for an absolute prohibition on the clearance of corrosive,

referring to the extending number of episodes of corrosive assaults on ladies in 2006.

After some time, she authored her very own battle, ‘StopSaleAcid,’ for which she was granted numerous honors and praises.

Her work made her the voice of all the corrosive assault survivors over the world.

She alongside other corrosive assault exploited people began an appetite strike for the restoration of such survivors

and furthermore to accomplish a prompt lawful equity.

In 2013, the Supreme Court controlled another arrangement of rules winning the clearance of corrosive in India

in which an individual beneath the age of 18 couldn’t buy acids and a character card ought to be created by the client before obtaining corrosive.

laxmi agarwal marriage photos, laxmi agarwal wiki

Laxmi was naturally introduced to a white collar class family. Her dad was a residential cook and her mom was a homemaker.

In a meeting, Laxmi expressed that her dad was her most prominent mainstay of solidarity.

Her dad and her sibling died because of a drawn out sickness. She met her adoration, Alok Dixit during a battle.

The couple chose to move in together without getting hitched, testing every one of the taboos of the Indian culture.

They together have a girl, Pihu. Be that as it may, the couple split not long after the introduction of their girl.

Laxmi finished her class tenth from Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya school.

She needed to stop her further investigations after the dreadful mishap.

In 2014, she began facilitating a network show, Udaan, airing on New Express.

Laxmi alongside her accomplice, Alok, established a NGO, Chhanv Foundation.

She additionally turned into the essence of the brand, ‘Viva n Diva battle.’

laxmi agarwal marriage photos, laxmi agarwal wiki

In 2014, Laxmi was respected with the International Women of Courage Award exhibited by the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Laxmi strolled the incline at London Fashion Week in 2016.

Laxmi constantly needed to turn out to be either a vocalist or an artist since her youth.

She likewise advised that she would go to her first regularly singing class, the day she was assaulted by ‘Guddu.’

She additionally uncovered that she was extremely frightened when her little girl was conceived.

She figured her little girl would get terrified on observing her.

In 2018, Laxmi uncovered in a meeting that she faces an extraordinary trouble in getting a new line of work

which could satisfy her and her little girl’s essential needs of life.

She uncovered that she is an accomplished beautician however her distorted face hampers all the openings for work she gets.

In 2018, Deepika Padukone was marked to assume the job of Laxmi in her biopic

and furthermore turned maker with the movie in a joint effort with the chief, Meghna Gulzar.

laxmi agarwal marriage photos

laxmi agarwal marriage photos

laxmi agarwal marriage photos

laxmi agarwal marriage photos

laxmi agarwal marriage photos