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Full name: Aleem Iqbal
Date of birth: September 6, 1994
Birthplace: Solihull, England
Profession: Instagram star, businessman

Aleem Iqbal is a famous YouTube Star, who was born on September 6, 1994 in United Kingdom.

YouTuber and social media star who refers to himself as Lord Aleem, the owner of Platinum Executive Travel (PET), a luxury car hire company.

He posts pictures and videos featuring his collection of cars and exciting events in his life.

According to Astrologers, Aleem Iqbal’s zodiac sign is Virgo.

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Lord Aleem 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Lord Aleem, real name, Aleem Iqbal, is a knwon social media personality with a huge fan base, due to his show off of his car collection.

His father developed a car hire business called „Platinum Executive Travel“ and his son Aleem runs the business with him.

He is known to show off with his status, so he gave himself a stage name „Lord Aleem“ to show his superiority. All of his cars have licence plates with this name on.

He was born on September 6, 1994 in a town Solihull in England. His childhood was spent in wealth and he never lacked anything. His family came from Pakistan and invested all the money they had in this car rental business in Birmingham.

Although Aleem tries to put himself first in the family business, everyone is aware that he ows everything to his father who was the generator of this idea. That is why many people don’t take him seriously.

Lord Aleem is a part of a group called Rich Kids of Instagram and he posts photos of him next to luxury cars. Interestingly enough there aren’t many pictures of beautiful women alongside him, which is usually the case.

In 2008 he started his YouTube channel but he didn’t have interest to work on the channel. He was probably too young and wasn’t interested enough.

Four years later, in 2012 he opened a new YouTube channel where he posted videos of his cars and his wealthy lifestyle.

The name of his Youtube channel is „Master Aleem’s You Tube Channel“. Because of his names „Lord“ and „Master“ people accused him that he thinks he is like a god.

He travels to Pakistan once in a while and then he posts photos of his mother land. He even started posting vlogs.

Because of his popularity on Social media, he started modelling and advertising luxury cars, so he started earning money outside his father’s company.

In 2015, one of their most expensive cars, a $50000 worth Ferrari was chrashed into a well and wrecked.

Next year, he participated in a car crash which could have ended worse for him than it is. Another car hit his on the road in Birmingham and although the car was very damaged, he was just slightly injured.

In 2016 his car was pulled over by the police while he was going out. He started insulting police officers that they stopped him on purpose because they are jealous of him and he commented how his shoes cost more than the wages of those policemen.

In 2014, four cars in his possession were diliberately set on fire by vandals. The first car was a Lamborghini, and a week later they torched three more cars.

The CCTV revealed that there were three hooded men who came in a Mercedes 4×4 and they took petrol and set his Lamborghini on fire.

In 2016, he decided to become a student at Regent’s University in London, so he relocated there. He studies TV, Film and Digital Media.

He is muslim by religion and he points out that he is proud of it. He also says that he is British and proud of that too.

This year there were problems with a world known MMA fighter Conor McGregor after he rented a very expensive Rolls-Royce from Aleem’s company and afterwards posted a picture of him standing on the top of it.

It made Lord Aleem angry, because he disrespected the car which he doesn’t iwn and because he gave ideas to others who will follow him and do the same just for a good picture.

He has been banned from driving in a period od 12 months after he was caught speeding in May 2017, on the M40 in Warwickshire. He was convicted of careless driving and had been fined.

This is very hard for him, although he has a personal driver, because he adores cars and driving them. One year is a long period of time without a vehicle for someone who is living of car business.

There aren’t any informations about his love life, and it seems that he tries to keep it away from the media.

He is very close with all the members of his family, especially his sister and he tries to stay connected with his family back in Pakistan so he often travels there.

When he is in his motherland he likes to help people so he does charity work like giving toys to children or visiting widows of war and listen to their stories.

He does charity work and posts it on his social media accounts. He posted videos of him where he visits Syrian refugees in Lebanon and raised funds for Green Lane Community Centre.