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The President of the Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad, 72-year-old Mahant Narendra Giri who was found dead at his Baghambari Math in Prayagraj left his home in 1983.

He came to Prayagraj Sangam at the tender age of 22.

Once in Prayagraj, the city of sages and saints Mahant Narendra Giri came under the able guidance of Divyanand Giri of Niranjani Akhara.

It was Divyanand Giri who initiated the sannyas to Mahant in 1985 and gave the name Narendra Giri.

Mahant Balwant Giri who became the guru of Mahant Narendra Giri gave him Deeksha and taught the entire initiation and sannyasa tradition to him.

Narendra Giri took over the throne of Baghambari Math in 2004

Mahant Narendra Giri was made the President of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad at the Nashik Kumbh in 2014.

In 2018, Narendra Giri came into the limelight for releasing the list of fake saints.

On October 10, 2019, Mahant Narendra Giri’s Akhara Parishad presidency was extended for five years in Prayagraj itself.

Mahant Narendra Giri was known for his outspoken statements without mincing words.

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In April 2021, Mahant was tested positive for Coronavirus. 

He was not much active on any social media platforms and any other public domain.

In 2016, he was selected as the chief of the Akhara Parishad. 

Narendra Giri was completely against corruption and wanted that his disciples would be pure and religious. 

Mahant Narendra Giri also met with Uttar Pradesh’s CM Yogi Adityanath and India PM Narendra Modi. 

The name of Mahant Narendra Giri has been taken among the big and respected sages and saints of the country.

Big leaders or officials used to reach Mahant Narendra Giri during his visit to Prayagraj.

Narendra Giri actively participated in the Ramjanmabhoomi movement.

Apart from all this, Narendra is also making Giri known for his statements. He has often been in the headlines for his statements.

Narendra Giri Maharaj recently passed away. Narendra Giri Maharaj died on 20 September 2021 in a suspicious condition.

Mahant Swami Narendra Giri of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad was a person of militant nature since his childhood.

At the age of just 11, Narendra Giri had started on the path of religion and spirituality.

He has been associated with the Ram Mandir movement for a long time.

He was also the Mahant of the Baghambri Math in Prayagraj and the chief priest of the famous Bade Hanuman temple on the banks of the Sangam.

Name – Mahant Narendra Giri
Death date – 20-09-2021
Nationality – Indian
Profession – Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad

Mahant Narendra Giri often remained in the media headlines due to his statements or other things.

Mahant Narendra Giri had thrown him out of the monastery after a dispute with his disciple Narendra Giri.

However, the arena was later withdrawn after the mediation of the council.

Apart from this, be it declaring the controversial saints as fake saints or there is a case of murder and harassment of saints, he has always made remarks.

Apart from all this, in the year 2012, Mahant Narendra Giri also had a dispute with the SP leader and MLA from Handia Mahesh Narayan Singh.

In the year 2015, there was also a controversy over giving the title of Mahamandaleshwar to a real estate businessman named Sachin Dutta.

Along with this, questions were raised on Mahant Narendra Giri regarding the death of Mahant Ashish Giri, secretary of Panchayati Akhara Shri Niranjani in suspicious condition.

On 20 September 2021, the body of Mahant Narendra Giri was found in his room. In the initial investigation, the police called it a case of suicide.

Mahant Narendra Giri had also left a suicide note before committing suicide.

In this suicide note, Mahant Narendra Giri had told how to do next in the ashram.

Apart from this, his disciple Anand Giri and some others were held responsible for this.

In this case, the police also arrested Anand Giri.

After the death of Mahant Narendra Giri, the general public including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, former CM Akhilesh Yadav and many other leaders expressed their condolences on his death.