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American professional boxer

Born: May 23, 1954, Newark, New Jersey, United States

Died: March 13, 2021, Bartlett, New Hampshire, United States

Height: 1.77 m

Nickname: Marvelous

Spouse: Kay Guarrera (m. 2000–2021), Bertha Hagler (m. 1980–1990)

career 1973-1987

birth name Marvin Nathaniel Hagler

alias Marvelous

nationality USA

death date 2021-03-13 / age 66

debut 1973-05-18

division middle

stance southpaw

height 5′ 9½″ / 177cm

reach 75″ / 191cm

residence Brockton, Massachusetts, USA

birth place Newark, New Jersey, USA

Name: Marvelous Marvin Hagler

Alias: Marvelous

Birth Name: Marvin Nathaniel Hagler

Hometown: Brockton, Massachusetts, USA

Birthplace: Newark, New Jersey, USA

Died: 2021-03-13 (Age:66)

Stance: Southpaw

Height: 177cm

Reach: 191cm

Pro Boxer: Record

Amateur Boxer: Record

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Hagler had five children with his first wife, Bertha: Charelle, Celeste, James, Marvin Jr., and Gentry.

Although he owned a home in Bartlett, New Hampshire, Hagler lived in Milan.

In May 2000, he married his second wife Kay, an Italian, in Pioltello, Italy.

On March 13, 2021, Hagler’s wife, Kay, announced that Hagler had died unexpectedly at his home in New Hampshire. He was 66.

Marvin Hagler spent his early years in the Central Ward of Newark, New Jersey, US.

Former middleweight southpaw boxer Robbie Sims is Hagler’s brother.

Following the Newark Riots of July 12–17, 1967, in which 26 people were killed and $11 million in property damage was caused, including the destruction of the Haglers’ tenement, his family moved to Brockton, Massachusetts.

In April of 1987, Hagler’s biggest fight came up.

This happened after Sugar Ray Leonard came out of retirement for a shot at the middleweight champ.

Marvin had a 37-fight unbeaten streak during this time.

However, in the intense back and forth against Leonard, Marvin could not find a way to put Leonard down to the mat.

The fight ended with a split decision in favor of Leonard.

This turned out to be a very controversial decision and the discussion over who actually won this fight has never died down.

The loss surprised Hagler and he always felt Leonard was unfairly awarded the win.

After the fight with Leonard, Hagler turned to drinking, which affected his marriage.

Leonard refused a rematch and retired almost immediately after the fight, denying Marvin the chance of regaining his crown.

After finding out a rematch was not possible, Marvin retired in June of 1988.

Two years later, Leonard came back, but Hagler turned him down along with the $15 million payday.

After the end of his boxing career, Marvin Hagler appeared in several films. He also remarried.

Marvin was an inductee into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

In the 1980s, he was named Fighter of the Decade and was twice named the Fighter of the Year by Ring Magazine.

In 2001 and 2004, he was named the fourth greatest middleweight of all-time by Ring Magazine which also named him the 17th greatest fighter of the past 80 years.