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Television presenter
Born: 1989 (age 32 years), London, United Kingdom
Books: Hidden Lessons: Growing Up on the Frontline of Teaching

Mehreen Baig is a popular British TV personality. She has presented several documentaries including ‘Islam, Women and Me’ and ‘The One Show’.

Moreover, Baig is a blogger who writes about fashion, beauty, health, and current issues. Further, she is also a former secondary teacher.

Mehreen Baig is not married and thusly has no partner.

She will definitely marry someday in the future. But for now, she has not met a perfect match who could love and care for her.

Baig has written a full blog post on why she is not married. She has mentioned how her parents looked for possible matches to get her married at 25.

Mehreen has also penned down the expectations of a groom and his family in an Islamic household. In fact, she has stated every reason to not get wedded.

She was born in the United Kingdom to Islamic parents. Growing up, she graduated from a reputed university and started teaching at a secondary school in North London.

Following that, Baig became a blogger and gained many followers for her strong and on-point content. She first appeared onscreen from BBC Two’s documentary, ‘Muslims Like Us’.

After that, Mehreen presented several documentary movies and gained public attention. Recently, she is busy writing her own book titled ‘Hidden Lessons’.

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Mehreen Baig (born 1989) is a British television presenter. She has presented several documentaries on topics relating to Britain’s Asian and Muslim communities.

Baig has been a secondary school teacher in North London. In 2016, she was in the BBC Two documentary Muslims Like Us, in which Muslims of differing backgrounds and beliefs were made to live together.

She was the second to enter the house after the former boxer and Islamist Anthony Small (Abdul Haqq), who gave her a leaflet condemning gender mixing.

In February 2018, Baig fronted Islam, Women and Me, a BBC One documentary exploring the role of women in the religion. In August, she presented Lost Boys? What’s Going Wrong For Asian Men, which explored issues relating to British Pakistani men.

Tim Dowling of The Guardian gave it four stars out of five for being “informed, thorough and provocative”.

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan of Al Jazeera gave a negative review, saying that the documentary blamed the men’s situation on Pakistani culture more than on discrimination.

Baig has also presented documentaries on physical fitness, and segments on the BBC’s Sunday Morning Live and The One Show. In 2019 she took part on Pilgrimage, in which people of differing religious views made a pilgrimage to Rome.