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Michael Vazquez is a sponsored athlete, fitness model, breakdancer, and online coach based in Inglewood, California.

Michael was someone who endured difficult times in the beginning of his fitness journey.

But eventually, Michael rose above his life’s difficulties to became a success.

During his childhood, a lack of a father figure led to self-confidence issues in Michael’s early life.

During this time, he had little to no motivation for fitness, where he turned alcohol in order to mask his pain.

After many endless nights partying, Michael soon realized things needed to change when became a father – a turning point in his life had now been reached.

Michael pushed himself further than he had ever gone before, to become the role model that his son deserved.

He strived to become the best possible version of himself, ensuring a successful future for not only himself, but also his family.

Michael Vazquez is a fitness model, online coach and breakdancer currently residing in California, USA.

His fitness journey began when it became apparent that change was needed in his life.

His upbringing meant that he later made some decisions that would impact his life negatively.

He became overweight through poor nutrition and drinking alcohol regularly, and became disillusioned with life.

Michael cites the reason for his confidence issues, was the lack of a father figure in his life.

This, according to Michael, was the main reason for his low self esteem problems in the beginning.

He had no one to turn for advice and support, and this meant a difficult upbringing for himself and his family.

Michael turned to fitness when he became unhappy with the way he was living his life.

He had made some bad choices along the way, which then led to a lack of motivation for fitness.

Fitness eventually found its way into Michael’s life, as he started breakdancing.

When his son was born, Michael knew that he had to make decisions that would benefit his family, and fitness allowed him the chance.

He made a promise to himself that he would remain motivated to give his son the upbringing he never had, and soon enough his life was transformed in a positive way.

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Upon starting out in fitness, Michael was unsure where to begin.

He sought advice from those around him in the gym, and turned to online videos to help push himself beyond any limit he had previously reached.

Any advice he received was taken on board, and it didn’t take long for his progress to show.

He began to lose the weight he had accumulated through regular partying, and his motivation was now higher than ever.

Michael remains active in the fitness community, as his desire to be a role model for his son means that his motivation levels never suffer.

Striving for continual progression, Michael pushes aside any set-backs, to stay on track with his fitness journey.

He regularly looks back at how he transformed his life, and realises just how far he has come.

He uses this to his advantage so he can remain consistent, and push himself further in his fitness career.

Michael Vasquez is an American Athlete, fitness model, breakdancer, and online coach.

Michael Vasquez is famous for teaching the fitness online course and due to his activity in modeling and dancing.

Moreover, he is one of the social media influencers with thousands of followers on social media accounts.