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Mithila Scandal

Rafiath Rashid Mithila is a Bangladeshi entertainer, model, vocalist and advancement laborer

Entertainer Mithila’s Viral Video is currently a Trending subject in Bangladesh. Would you like to Download Mithila’s Viral Video?

The Video Download Link of Actress Mithila Fahmi (Ex-Wife of Tahsan) is accessible on various Facebook gatherings and Websites.

The News was posted on a Facebook bunch on Monday (November seventh). The post has been erased right away in the wake of posting on Facebook.

In any case, tragically, People of Bangladesh who were on that Group gathered the Video Link and Photos.

Presently, the Fans of Bangladeshi Actress Mithila are looking through Mithila’s Viral Video Download connect.

*Attention: This post was distributed to illuminate individuals that, This isn’t irregular photographs.

It is extremely normal. Anybody can take these sorts of Photos where they have a decent Friendship or General Relation.

Mithila and Fahmi Original News about the Photos and Video

Right off the bat, It is a Rumor that Mithila and Fahmi Video Viral. It is a phony News. Initially, we didn’t get any video.

Mithila additionally disclosed to Somoy TV about this News. According to Telephony discussion, Mithila Talked that,

That isn’t irregular Photos which got Viral. We have additionally called Mithila’s Number yet It was inaccessible.

We didn’t get any update from Fahmi about the Viral Photos with Mithila.

Mithila Scandal

Mithila Fahmi Viral Video

A Rumor of Mithila with Fahmi Viral Video was distributed on fourth November 2019 in Social Media.

Bangladeshis are know got this News ahead of schedule for various purposes.

Presently, International News Portal is additionally distributing substance about Mithila and Fahmi.

Top Daily Newspaper of Bangladesh including Prothom Alo, BDNews24, The Daily Star has additionally distributed Mithila

and Fahmi Viral Video News from the get-go fifth November (Tuesday).

The Main reality for distributing Mithila with Fahmi Viral Video and Viral Photo is Social Media.

Individuals send the Viral Video and Picture Personally to one another.

The Video you are appearing on Facebook where the YouTuber Titled Mithila and Fahmi Viral Video or other Title, and so on,

This is a phony Video.

There is no Video accessible of Bangladeshi Actress Mithila and Director, Composer Fahmi.

Mithila Scandal

You will see the Feature Image (Thumble) like the beneath. It would be ideal if you Ignore this.

This isn’t an Original Video of Mithila. Somebody is making a decent attempt Mithila.

Along these lines, We demand the Bangladeshi Fan of Mithila to Ignore this Rumors and love Mithila once more.

Kindly don’t click any Video that utilized this sort of Image.

We are sorry to learn you that, the Link was expelled from web based life systems and different Websites. It is against the Policy.

Along these lines, According to keep everything legitimate, we can’t give the Actress Mithila’s Viral Video download interface

which distributed on fourth November 2019.

We need to disclose to you that, The New of this Viral substance about Bangladeshi TV Actress Mithila is genuine and Accurate.

You can see some photographs to comprehend Viral Video. A significant number of our guests are asking Mithila’s Viral Video YouTube Link.

It would be ideal if you be noticed that nobody can transfer this video on YouTube. It is against YouTube Policy.

Mithila Scandal

Here a portion of the Viral Photos of Mithila.

Till the last update from our end, Rafiath Rashid Mithila was seen a few times with Kolkata chief Manjit Mukherjee.

Showbiz was spread on account of the relationship between them. Mithila with Fahmi 16 Pictures has Viral in Social Media.

We are just giving a few quantities of the image out of an aggregate of 16 Pictures.

*Note: Please make an effort to remain noticed that we have transferred the Image without Official Permission of Mithila.

We have these Images on Social Media Website and Google Search. not identified with these pictures.

I’m a Big Fan of Mithila and need to illuminate other Mithila’s Fan that, these pictures can’t convey strange action of Mithila.

In this way, See the Viral Photos of Mithila and Fahmi on beneath. We trust you will comprehend this is a normal and basic photograph.

It isn’t extraordinary or not quite the same as other’s photographs. In this way, if you don’t mind Ignore the Mithila Fahmi Photos Rumors.

On the off chance that you need to get more data, you can ask us. We have the Video yet sadly, we can’t give it here.

We have expelled this Video for remaining safe from Policy Violation.

Mithila Scandal

In the Final Words, we need to disclose to you that, We don’t approve to distribute other individuals’ close to home Photos and Videos on this Website.

Be that as it may, This substance distributed as News reason as it were. We are attempting to understanding the Original news

and story behind the Photos.

On the off chance that you are Mithila or Fahmi or other Authority, sympathetically request to Remove the Photos to Admin.

Simply utilize our Contact Form with the Photo/Video Link which needs to expel from this substance.

We will do this very soon from our end. We are holding on to get reaction from your end.

Just this year, it went to the fore that chief Srijit Mukherji is in an ‘upbeat space’ with Bangladeshi on-screen character

and social specialist Rafiath Rashid Mithila.

What’s more, presently as gossipy tidbits about an approaching wedding assemble steam, Mithila ended up in the eye of a tempest in Bangladesh.

After her personal pictures with Bangladeshi executive Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi turned into a web sensation,

Srijit too responded emphatically.

By chance, Iftekhar is a chief and author, known for House Full (2008), To Be Continued… (2017) and Mad_e in Bangladesh (2007).

Mithila Scandal

Talking about the injury that Mithila is experiencing, he stated, “It is a criminal demonstration and a gross infringement of security.

Whoever has done it should be put in a correctional facility. The way Mithila has taken care of the circumstance is model.

I think her announcement on Facebook is splendid and to the point. It makes me even more glad for her.”

Not one to avoid the discussion, Mithila took to online networking and gave a lowdown on the unforeseen development and the lawful plan of action.

She expressed: “So here I am, not clarifying what has occurred, but instead explaining my remain on the ongoing web based life dramatization

about a portion of my private photographs, some genuine, some manufactured, which have been made open maliciously

to denounce my notoriety by certain lawbreakers.

Those were my photographs imparted to my then beau in 2017/2018 when we were dating.

His facebook profile got hacked when the culprits intentionally searched for substance to utilize them criminally.

Here I need to underscore on the word ‘dating’ which implies we were seeing someone.

What’s more, we ought not be so gullible about the way that when two individuals date they share close minutes and photographs,

potentially through internet based life in this time of innovation.

Also, I do assume the liability of not having the option to secure my protection.

Mithila Scandal

Be that as it may, I am not embarrassed about my photographs, of me being uncovered;

rather I am embarrassed about the way that some shallow individuals of my nation ventured to post, sharing

and utilizing my private minutes, selling membership and news out of it, at the expense of denouncing my notoriety and picture,

assaulting me essentially.

I am embarrassed that the media, especially some news entrances have distributed this news without my assent

and citing me when I have never spoken or given any announcement to them.

I feel embarrassed and incensed a similar way I feel rage when I see ladies getting explicitly abused in the city,

at home, in the virtual space, all over the place.

My remain here is this: I unequivocally accept that my respect and poise don’t lie in my body or my underpants or in my private photographs.

All I have accomplished in my life is through my difficult work, inventiveness and instruction

which don’t go in vein since certain crooks have defrauded me taking and adversely utilizing my private minutes from an earlier time.

I took a break for as long as 24 hours to remain quiet and spotlight on my positive vitality with the goal

that I can return more grounded. This circumstance doesn’t make me powerless; this makes me more grounded than at any other time.

Mithila Scandal

I have propelled formal grumblings in the digital wrongdoing division,

I have educated the specialists and I am documenting a case under the ICT demonstration.

I will character those culprits with the assistance of the specialists who have deceived me, I guarantee.

I will battle for me, for every one of the individuals being defrauded by the programmers and digital predators.

I thank my family, my companions and associates who are with me in this circumstance.

P.S. I will just share my announcement/reports on the legitimate procedures and so on my facebook profile.

I have not given any announcement to any paper in Bangladesh or somewhere else.

News entryways making manufactured news or any update without my assent will be brought under the lawful procedure.”

Mithila Scandal

Srijit likewise shared Mithila’s post on Facebook and stated: “Soak up the adulation, Tigress.

You make me exponentially glad as time passes”.

Photographs snatching personal snapshots of on-screen character Mithila with Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi, chief and maker,

turned into a web sensation via web-based networking media. Facebook bunch ‘Tech Binodon’ posted two photographs on its divider on Monday night

The spilled photographs of two VIPs activated enormous tattles in stimulation media.

As indicated by media reports, Rafiath Rashid Mithila, previous spouse of vocalist Tahsan, an entertainer and social extremist,

was in an issue with Srijit Mukherji, a chief from Kolkata.

More than a half year, their connections were humming in the Tollywood and Dhallywood. It was even heard that they will get hitched soon!

Nonetheless, Mithila and Fahmi both were discovered inaccessible to get their responses over these photographs.

mithila scandal

mithila scandal

mithila scandal

mithila scandal