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Mohsin Jamil Baig is a Pakistani senior journalist, analyst and editor of an online news agency. He had been considered a close friend and confidant of Prime Minister Imran Khan since 2013.

In December 2021 he turned against the Prime Minister by giving an explosive interview to Saleem Safi.

In Febeuray 2022, he was arrested by FIA in a raid by the complaint of fedral minister Murad Saeed. Baig was arrested for quoting Reham Khan’s book while talking about Murad Saeed’s performance in Gharida Farooqi show.

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Pakistan’s Journalist Mohsin Baig was close ally of Pervez Musharraf and Imran Khan in Past.

Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested Mohsin Baig, editor-in-chief of the daily Jinnah and Online News Agency, from Islamabad. His arrest follows a complaint by Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services Murad Saeed.

Mohsin Baig was charged Wednesday morning under anti-terrorism provisions, including attempted murder, assault with a firearm, taking a government official hostage and interfering in government affairs.

He quarreled with the incoming FIA team raided his house.

Later, Mohsin Baig produced in the Islamabad Anti-Terrorism Court.

The court accepted Mohsin Baig’s three-day physical remand and handed him over to police for questioning.

Mohsin Baig told the court that the raid was carried out in plain clothes without informing the local police station.

He alleged FIA tortured him ​​at the police station, that his ribs had been broken as a result of the torture, and apealed the court for undergo medical treatment.

The judge of the anti-terrorism court said that the investigation will clarify the incident.

Journalist Mohsin Baig was considered a supporter of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) but has been criticizing government policies for some time.

Speaking on News One channel’s program ‘G for Gharida’ on February 11, he had made meaningful remarks about Murad Saeed.

When the host of the program Gharida Farooqi asked Mohsin Baig why Murad Saeed came first in the list of best performing ministers?

On this Mohsin Baig had said “I don’t know but it is written in Reham khan’s book, I don’t know for whom he (Imran Khan) will be satisfied with them.”

In his complaint, Murad Saeed had mentioned the same conversation and said that Mohsin Baig had misbehaved and action should be taken against him.

At the request of Murad Saeed, when FIA cyber crime officials reached the house of Mohsin Baig on Wednesday, he resisted.

Several videos made during the FIA ​​operation on social media have gone viral on social media in which Mohsin Baig can be seen carrying a weapon and torturing an official.

Mohsin Baig is the founder and editor-in-chief of the online News Agency and Daily Jinnah newspaper.

Mohsin baig admitted in an interview with journalist Saleem Safi in December 2021 that he was the close ally of former dictator Pervez Musharraf.