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A day after his arrest from Mianwali, former JUI-F leader and cleric Mufti Azizur Rehman confessed to sexually assaulting a student during interrogation, police said on Monday.

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) investigations Shariq Jamal Khan, while speaking to, said the cleric had confessed that the incident’s video, which went viral on social media a few days ago, had featured him and was secretly filmed by the student who was being sexually abused.

“I made the student a target of my lust with the lure of passing him [in his exams],” he admitted to the police.

The cleric added that he was afraid and worried once the video went viral on social media and his sons had attempted to threaten the student and stop him from mentioning the incident to anyone.

“I released the video statement because I did not want to leave the madrassah.

The madrassah administration had already told me to leave,” the DIG quoted him as saying. Rehman admitted that he had been hiding in Mianwali and was arrested by the police after being traced through his cellphone.

“I am very ashamed at what I did,” he said during the interrogation.

The DIG said that all medical and forensic evidence was being collected in the case and “we will try to present a strong challan to secure a punishment.”

He added that the cleric’s sons were also accused of making death threats.

The DIG also said that any other affected citizen could reach out and contact the police, adding that there was substantial evidence to prosecute in the case.

He said that a life sentence or a prison term of up to 10 years was possible in the case.

Prime Minister Imran Khan himself had taken notice of the case, said the DIG, and was in contact with police officials prior to the cleric’s arrest.

“[The] Punjab IG (inspector general of police) informed him about the arrest.”

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The medical examinations of Mufti Aziz-ur-Rehman, who is the accused in a sexual abuse case – and the survivor have been conducted by the Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA), the police said Wednesday.

A video showing Rehman sexually abusing a seminary student went viral on social media last week.

The student had said Rehman sexually abused him, while the cleric’s sons started blackmailing and threatening to kill him.

“If justice is not done, I will commit suicide,” the survivor had said in the FIR.

The cleric was later arrested during a raid in Mianwali on Sunday and remanded to police custody for four days in the case filed at a Lahore police station.

He will be presented again before a court tomorrow (Thursday).

The medical exams were done on court orders. The police said the reports will be shared in a few days.

The DNA information of the accused has also been added to the PFSA databank.

Once police registered a case against Aziz, he fled from the madrassa he was working at to avoid arrest and sought refuge at the houses of some of his students.

The police had said Aziz went into hiding in different areas, including Township, Sheikhupura, Faisalabad, and Mianwali.

They said that Aziz and his sons were traced via their mobile phone locations.

They were hiding in Mianwali when the police finally arrested them.

On Monday, the police said that he “confessed to his crime during interrogation”.

According to the police, Aziz, the former superintendent of the Jamia Manzor Al-Islamia in Lahore Cantt, had confessed that the viral video showed him and said it was “stealthily filmed” by his student.

The cleric had also confessed that he had lured the student with passing marks in exams and had later sexually abused him.

He had also said that once the video went viral, he was fearful of the repercussions.

Aziz had told the police that his sons had threatened the student and told him not to speak to anyone about it.

However, despite the threats, the student went ahead and posted the video online.