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The world was in utter shock when a mysterious man revived Jet Airways when the airline was in massive debt after the effect of the Pandemic.

An Indian international airline was founded on 1st April 1992- Jet Airways which became one of the largest airlines in India.

Besides, Jet Airways functions over 300 flights daily to nearly 72 destinations all over the world and is worth more than 8000 Crores as of 2019.

Things weren’t going well in the business, When Naresh Goyal ceased the operation of the Airlines on 17th April 2019. Jet Airways was reported to be Bankrupt due to Goyal and Etihad Airways inability to pay more money to the Airlines for any promotion.

In the same years, many banks tried their best to recover their dues from the Airways.

However, after two years of struggle to salvage the JetAirways, a revival plan was submitted by the consortium of UK-headquartered company- Kalrock Capital and a UAE-based businessman- Murari Lal Jalan at the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT).

It is stated that this is the first time in the nation when aviation is set to be revived after shutting down.

Questions were raised from every aspect about this puzzled rich man- Murari Lal Jalan in terms of his background, how he got rich to acquire Jet Airways and Why did he save the airlines, when he knows nothing in that field?

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The new owner of Jet Airways- Murari Lal Jalan maintains a low profile among the business communities in India as well as Abroad. In February 2021, Jalan proposed promoters of Jet Airways in order to start a full-service airline in the country.

Besides, it is referred that he was in advance discussion with the Uzbekistan Government and the state Government of Namangan for upgrading a new airport in the State.

Above all, Jalan has invested Rs. 375 Crores equity in Jet airways and Rs. 604 Crores had been funded to recover the debt.

Murari Lal Jalan began his career in the paper trading business in Kolkata in the 1980s, where he worked as a trader for JK Paper and Ballarpur industries.

In 2003, he expanded his business and, for that he acquired a Kolkata-based Kanoi Paper & industries, which was later renamed Agio Paper.

In 2010, Murari Lal Jalan encountered a lawsuit from Government agencies against his paper company, for violating pollution in the nation. The company had suspended its production since then, and he focused on some other business to thrive well.

In 2015, he stepped into the Healthcare sector and acquired Dr Naresh Trehan and Associates Health services by investing Rs. 75 Crores in the company through a secondary share sale transaction.

They planned to establish a hospital in Dubai, but unfortunately, that plan wasn’t implemented in the future.

After enrolling in the Real estate and healthcare sector in Dubai. Later, he moved his business to Dubai, intending to thrive in real estate, and launched his own Business MJ Developers in Uzbekistan.