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Nick Kyrgios 10 Personal Facts, News, Biography, Wiki

Australian tennis player
Born: April 27, 1995 (age 27 years), Canberra, Australia
Height: 1.93 m
Plays: Right-handed (two-handed backhand)

Residence: Canberra, ACT; Sydney, New South Wales; Nassau, The Bahamas;
Parents: Norlaila Kyrgios, Giorgos Kyrgios
Siblings: Halimah Kyrgios, Christos Kyrgios
Date of birth: 27 April 1995

Place of birth: Canberra, Australia
Residence: Sydney, Australia
Nationality: Australian
Height: 193cm / 6ft 4ins

Weight: 85kg / 187lbs
Plays: Right-handed
Turned Pro: 2013

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Nick Kyrgios 10 Fast Facts, News, Biography, Wiki

He is a Greek Orthodox Christian and wears a gold cross.

Kyrgios is an avid fan of the Boston Celtics in the NBA and a life-long supporter of Tottenham Hotspur in English football’s Premier League. Kyrgios also supports the North Melbourne Football Club in the Australian Football League.

Kyrgios announced his engagement to blogger Costeen Hatzi in May 2022. He was previously in a on-again, off-again relationship with Croatian-Australian tennis player Ajla Tomljanović.

He was in a relationship with Chiara Passari in 2020, breaking up in late 2021 after police had to separate the two in a hotel quarantine argument.

In July 2022, it was announced that Kyrgios was summonsed to appear in court in Australia on 2 August 2022 to face a charge of common assault for allegedly grabbing his ex-girlfriend, Chiara Passari, in December 2021.

Kyrgios has yet to comment, although his lawyers have indicated he has been briefed and is aware of the charge.

Nick Kyrgios is a talented and controversial tennis player from Australia, who is frequently in the news for both good and bad reasons.

His deft shot-making and stylish game have won him fans all over the globe, and have also helped him register wins over all the top players in the game.

However, his attitude and behavior have often been called into question by the officials and the media, making him a very polarizing figure.

Kyrgios is an ultra-aggressive player who looks to pull the trigger as early as possible. His game is very serve-centric; he uses his serve to win free points as well as to set up his forehand, which he can hit flat as well as with topspin.

Kyrgios stands very close to the baseline on most points, and also approaches the net frequently. He typically plays a lot of tiebreakers, as his serve is tough to break.

Kyrgios has one of the best serves ever seen in the sport of tennis. While his first serve is quick and unpredictable, his second serve can also be devastating. He frequently clocks above 220 kph on the first serve and 200 kph on the second.

Kyrgios’ forehand is similarly destructive. The Australian has hit some of the hardest forehands seen in recent memory; his flat forehand in particular can be almost impossible to return.

That said, he can also hit his forehand with heavy topspin, pulling his opponent off the court and setting up an easy volley.

His net game is very solid; the reflex volleys he has been known to hit are already the stuff of legend. Kyrgios also has an excellent slice and a well-disguised drop shot, both of which he uses to good effect.

Kyrgios’ backhand is one of his biggest weaknesses, as he hits it with an abbreviated swing and without a lot of spin. His movement can also be exploited by his opponents; he is not the quickest around the court.

Kyrgios’ return is another aspect that often causes him trouble, as he struggles to break his opponent’s serve.

Kyrgios was born in Canberra, and is of Greek-Malaysian origin. His father Giorgos hails from Greece, while his mother Norlaila belonged to the Selangor royal family of Malaysia.

While growing up Kyrgios was interested in both tennis and basketball, but switched to tennis full time at the age of 14.

He has switched between Canberra and Melbourne for his training activities, and has been dating tennis player Alja Tomljanovic for a few years now.

Kyrgios’ talent is obvious, but he hasn’t yet been able to shake off the perception that he is not fully invested in tennis. The prevailing belief is that if Kyrgios gets more serious about his tennis, he can become a world-beater.

But the wait for him to get serious hasn’t ended so far.

He has been accused of tanking in several matches, most notably at the 2016 Shanghai Masters where he was fined and suspended by the ATP for unsportsmanlike conduct.

He has also been involved in numerous instances of verbal abuse on the court; at the 2015 Canada Masters, in a bid to get under the skin of his opponent Stan Wawrinka, he loudly insinuated that Wawrinka’s girlfriend had had an affair with Thanasi Kokkinakis.

Remarkably, Kyrgios has displayed impressive mental strength while competing against the top players; he defeated Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic the first time he met each of them.

But he continues to get a lot of criticism from all quarters, with several former players and experts publicly urging him to improve his attitude.

All that said, Kyrgios remains a fan favorite almost everywhere he plays. His unique game style and thrilling trick shots appeal greatly to the spectators, which is why many believe he is good for the game – even with all of his controversies.

Full name is Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios. Nickname is Kygs.

Started playing tennis at age 6 with his mother.

Father, George, is Greek and a painter; mother, Norlaila, is Malaysian and a retired computer engineer; brother, Christos; sister, Halimah.

Favourite shot is his serve and tournaments are Wimbledon and US Open.

Idols growing up were Roger Federer, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and basketball players LeBron James, Kevin Garnett and Michael Jordan.

Loves watching and playing basketball. Favourite NBA team is Boston Celtics.

Follows a vegan diet.

Listens to a variety of music. Favourite artists are Lil Wayne, Fetty Wap and Drake.

Enjoys comedy TV shows and movies.

Likes playing Call of Duty and considers himself “the best gamer on the tennis tour.”

Created Nick Kyrgios Foundation (NKF) in support of underprivileged youth. Foundation received an ATP ACES for Charity grant of $15,000 in 2018. Learn more at