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Amouranth is a well-known digital content creator. She is a self-taught customer designer whom the Houston Grand Opera and Ballet discovered. These days Amouranth Husband Nick Lee is in limelight with his messages viral on Twitter

People recognize Amouranth because of her Twitch account which has more than 5 million followers. Moreover, she has 750 thousand plus subscribers on her official YouTube channel.

Amouranth recently disclosed that her hesitancy to switch from Patreon to OnlyFans costs her $2 million a year. Moreover, Ubisoft banned her Just Dance account after a hacker replaced her username with something inappropriate.

Amouranth’s alleged husband is Nick Lee. They supposedly got married in year 2015 but have kept their relationship hidden. In June of year 2018, the YouTuber King Fame on the L OF THE DAY channel claimed Amouranth was in a marital relationship.

King affirmed to have a copy of her original marriage certificate and other private details. However, he didn’t make them available to the public.

In return, she stated that such revelations of non-private information to the public had put her in real physical danger. The Twitch streamer did not mention the accuracy of the speculations.

However, a screenshot of a chat between Amouranth and one of her professed Twitch moderators surfaced on the web.

The details of the pictures claim that the digital content creator hides her marital status not to turn off her audience.

Moreover, she labeled those snaps fake in July in year 2020 in a podcast with creators Natalia Alinity Mogollon, Lisa STPeach Vannatta, and Dizzy Kitten. She further denied about her marriage.

Amouranth also stated that the person behind the screenshot admitted it as a hoax. The people had already accepted the rumors and considered her a married woman. An unnamed moderator, whom the social media personality called cute, goes on a rant in the photos.

The guy was angry since his impression was that she led him on, despite having a husband.

Nick Lee 10 Pics, Photos, Pictures

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Nick Lee 10 Fast Facts, Bio, Wiki

Nick Lee & Kaitlyn Siragusa, aka Amouranth, Were Married in Texas in December 2015.

According to Harris County public records viewed by Heavy, Kaitlyn Siragusa and Nick Lee were married in December 2015. They were living together in Sugarland, Texas, near Houston, at the time, public records show.

Amouranth Says Her Husband Is ‘Getting Help’ & She Has ‘Access to All My Accounts & Finances Again’.

Nick Lee’s Instagram Says He’s an Investor, ‘Occasional Cosplayer,’ ‘Fitness Devotee’ & ‘Game Aficionado’

Lee’s Instagram profile, which is private, says he is an “investor and “min-maxer.” His profile also says he is an “occasional cosplayer,” a “fitness devotee,” a “dove aficionado” and a “game enthusiast.”

Lee Has Registered Multiple Businesses in Texas Along With Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, aka Amouranth, Records Show

Texas public records show that Nick Lee and Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa are both listed on documents for LLCs they registered in the state. The businesses appear to be related to Amouranth’s media career.

Lee Was Born in Taipei, Taiwan, & Has Lived in Texas for Several Years & Can Be Seen in Photos With Amouranth Posted Before Her Career Took Off.