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Born Rosemary Simangele but fondly called Pastor Nomthi, she was an educationist, life coach, writer, and senior pastor at the Fountain of Life Church.

The 47-year-old pastor had grown in prominence in over a decade after tying the knot with a prominent Nigerian preacher, Taiwo Odukoya.

She was thrust into the limelight once again after the release of her critically acclaimed children’s book, ‘No! Don’t Touch Me There’.

The book, which was published in 2016, empowers children to confront any form of improper behaviour or abuse and gives them the confidence to talk to trusted adults.

It has become a reference point among parents, educationists especially child body safety enthusiasts and experts.

Mrs Odukoya is largely credited for writing several children’s books that address topical issues like bullying, gender equality, and life lessons.

She had a unique way of preaching the gospel and her congregants always looked forward to her sermon. For example, on Thursdays, when she mounted the pulpit, Pastor Nomthi would always ask the congregation “how are you?”

And she always got a resounding “I’m enjoying my life” from the congregation, then she would reply “I’m enjoying mine too”. She always dazzled the congregation with her charming smile.

Nomthi, a South African by birth, shot into the limelight when she married Mr Odukoya in January 2010.

She had her primary education in South Africa; she was a student of Natal College of Education between 1996 and 1999.

She also holds a master’s degree from the University of Liverpool.

In her lifetime, she inspired many as she provided resources, tools, skills, and knowledge to equip parents, educators, and children, through her books and messages.

Aside from being a pastor, the mum-of-two boys was also an accomplished author. Some of her bestsellers include ‘A Bully is not a Hero’, Help! They are fighting again,’ ‘Boys and girls are different but equal’, ‘Enjoy your life,’ and a host of others.

Through her Wazi foundation, she championed several advocacy initiatives for children’s welfare.

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Nomthi met her husband when he went to minister at Triumphant Church International, London, where she worshipped.

She revealed that she did not have her eyes on him, like every other minister that had come before him.

According to her, she saw him as a man of God and found his message amazing and absorbing, which made her buy one of his books, titled ‘Home Affairs’.

The late pastor revealed that after the conference, her pastor told her someone was interested in her, but she declined because she was seeing someone else at the time. However, the relationship eventually did not work out; she told her pastor but not immediately.

Nomthi would later meet Mr Odukoya when he had a stopover in London, and the rest they say is history.

They had a glamorous wedding held at Civic Centre Lagos State in January 2010. The likes of Mike Okonkwo, David Oyedepo, E. A Adeboye, Itua Ighodalo, and Paul Adefarasin, were all in attendance.