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Mohammad Shahabuddin’s son
Parents: Mohammad Shahabuddin

The marriage ceremony of Shahabuddin’s son Osama Shahab was completed.

After that the ceremony of Osama’s marriage to Aftab Alam’s daughter Dr. Ayesha Sabih was completed.

Let us tell you that on October 11, 2021, Osama’s marriage was held in the Madrasa located in Telhatta Bazar of Siwan, in which many people including Leader of Opposition and Lalu K Lal Tejashwi Yadav, Abdul Bari Siddiqui, Bihar government minister Jama Khan attended.

At the same time, apart from Tej Pratap Yadav, many leaders including former minister and Siwan Sadar MLA Avadh Bihari Chaudhary, MLA Harishankar Yadav, Bachha Pandey, RJD district president Paramatma Ram attended the procession that came out on Wednesday.

Please tell that Osama Shahab is married to Dr. Ayesha Sabih. Dr. Ayesha has studied MBBS from Aligarh Muslim University.

At the same time, Osama has obtained a law degree from London.

It is said that the marriage of both of them was fixed by former MP Mohammad Shahabuddin.

At the same time, Osama’s sister Hera Shahab will be married to Dr Shadman of Motihari on November 15 and the ceremony of Osama’s reception will also be performed on the same day.

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Osama Shahab, son of late RJD leader Mohammad Shahabuddin, had a marriage.

The entire program ended at 4 pm at Serajulum Madrasa located in Telhatta Bazar of Siwan.

Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav also attended the marriage.

Now on the evening of October 2021, the procession of Osama Shahab will go to Chand Pali in Jiradei block, in which only friends and family members will attend.

If sources are to be believed, only family and close friends have been invited to attend the entire program.

Let us inform that along with Osma, the marriage of his sister Dr. Hera Shahab has also been fixed.

They are going to get married next month in November.

Osma’s reception will also take place on this occasion, in which big leaders will attend.

It is worth mentioning that the guests started coming to Osama’s ancestral village Pratappur since late evening on Sunday.

Many close guests came from far and wide.

At the same time, close friends of Osma from Delhi and many places have also reached Siwan to attend their wedding.

It is said that with great simplicity, before the marriage of Osma, the program of Rat Jagga took place.

In this regard the whole house was decorated like a bride.

It is known that Osama’s marriage has been fixed with Ayesha, the doctor daughter of a relative of Chand Pali of Jiradei, Siwan.

Osama got married today. After this, on October 16, Osama’s elder sister Hera Saheb will get married.

Osama’s program of Valima has also been fixed on the same day.

Osama’s father-in-law Aftab Alam is a relative as well as a friend of the late leader Shahabuddin.

At the same time, Osama’s wife Ayesha is a doctor by profession. He has studied MBBS from AMU.