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Pasquale Timothy Barbaro was a notorious Sydney crime figure and part of a family with known links to the Calabrian mafia, from Italy.

The 35-year-old’s murder in 2021 at Earlwood in Sydney’s inner west was one of several targeted shootings in Sydney.

The Barbaro family is well known to police and the criminal underworld.

His grandfather, who was also named Pasquale Barbaro, was murdered in a gangland hit in Brisbane in 1990 after turning police informant.

A cousin — another Pasquale Barbaro — was murdered in a hit in Melbourne in 2003 alongside notorious crime figure Jason Moran.

His uncle, yet another Pasquale Barbaro, is currently serving a 30-year sentence over a massive ecstasy bust — the world’s biggest — discovered in Melbourne in 2007.

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Pasquale Barbora a scandalous person had a wife named Melinda. Know everything about his wife and kids here in this article. 

The Barbora ‘ndrina is a powerful clan of the ‘Ndrangheta. It is a criminal and mafia-type organization in Calabria, Italy.

The ‘ndrina belongs to the locale of the town of Plati. The clan was established at the end of the 19th century by Francesco Barbora. 

Pasquale Barbora was married to a beautiful woman named Melinda. But the couple was divorced. They were split in 2013.

Melinda said that the gangster Pasquale would read bible passages to his kids before committing sinful deeds like sharing naked photos of escorts.

During the day he maintained the fatherly figure to his children, but once the sun set he would turn to the Calabrian mafia doing nasty vulgar stuff.

Not only they were into escorts but they felt very proud to film them and share the videos among their friends. She added he was a typical Italian.

He loved to do everything related to religion and enjoyed the food. She said he loved his branded Versace shirt and Rolexes but he prayed.

And was very loyal and protective to her and their children. She thought the prison changed him from a loving husband once he used to be.

The powerful ‘ndrina was divided into various branches or ‘ndrine with links to all the most important gangs of the ‘Ndrangeta.

Their ethnicity is Calabrians. The criminal activity they carried out is drug trafficking, racketeering, extortion and kidnapping. 

Each Pasquale Barbora is replaced by another Pasquale Barbora once one is killed. There is a Wikipedia page on Barbaro ‘ndrina.

Pasquale Barbora was 35 years of age when he was shot dead. If he were alive, he would have been 40 years old at this time.

There are a number of different theories on why he was targeted. He was due to face the Sydney District Court in December 2016.

The reason was over the production of the drug ice (crystal methamphetamine).

Pasquale Barbora had been shot dead outside a house in Earlwood in Sydney’s south overnight, which was declared as a targeted shooting. 

Pasquale died on the footpath on Larkhall, Avenue about 9:40 pm on Monday after he was shot multiple times including a headshot. 

His grandfather who was also called Pasquale Barbora was murdered in a gangland hit in Brisbane in 1990.

His cousin, Pasquale Barbora was murdered in a hit in Melbourne in 2003. His uncle, Pasquale Barbora is serving 30 years of the sentence.