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Rockstar is a Philippine rock band who were very popular during the late 1990’s.

With Paul Sapiera as the Main Vocals & lead Axe, the songs “Mahal Pa Rin Kita” and “Parting Time” became a success.

Their albums/songs were awarded Platinum / Triple Platinum Awards.

Later on, another singer took the place of Paul Sapiera and then they concentrated as an Independent Rock band Arkasia.

The band won a Gold Award.

As of today, although the band members have pursued separate careers, they still continue to write music, performing in various music venues and although the band members are worlds apart, they are still in tact as a unit.

Thank you to all the devoted fans for all the support, coordination and contributions in promoting Arkasia band.

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Paul Sapiera started his career as Main Vocals & lead Axe of famous Philippine rock band ‘Rockstar’ (that become Arkasia), very popular during the late 1990’s.

Songs “Mahal Pa Rin Kita” and “Parting Time” became a success.

Their albums/songs were awarded Platinum / Triple Platinum Awards.

Ez Mil’s live performance of “Panalo” on Wish Bus USA is currently tearing it up on the internet, amassing 10 million views in just three days as of this writing.

n real life, the rapper, who goes by the Instagram handle “Ezekiel Miller”, is a Fil-Caucasian born in Olongapo City in 1998.

His father is Paul Sapiera, lead singer of the band RockStar, who came out with a hit of their own with 1993’s “Mahal Pa Rin Kita” and “Parting Time.”

His mother is also active in the music industry.

“I was really surrounded by rock music,” he told Wish USA in a December 29 interview.

Still, his musical tastes swam against the family tide, and he started dipping his toes into hip hop and R&B and “all of those other genres that are not rock because […] this is something that is different, like, Imma check it out myself.”

In this “rebellion from overexposure,” as he called it, he became a big fan of Chris Brown, according to a profile on Myx, before branching out to more diverse musical influences, all of which reflect in his tunes today.

He counts Gloc-9’s “Hari ng Tondo” as one of his key influences.

Ez Mil grew up in the Philippines, but recently moved to the US, living there for four years.

(In the December 29 Wish Bus USA interview, it seemed he went home, at least briefly, to Olongapo.)

Ez Mil lived in California for that first year, and it was there that his patriotic feeling began to stir, eventually culminating in the very charged lyrics of his viral song “Panalo.”

His rock-tinged, English song “Far Away From Home” also contains similar themes.