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Born: December 25, 1980 (age 40 years), Gujrat, Pakistan

Qasim Ali Shah was born on December 25, 1980 out of a little town of District Gujrat, Punjab.

His family moved to Lahore when he was as yet a tyke. Shah was attached to perusing books since his youth.

He took part in talk about rivalries in his school life.

He likewise has a Tuition focus in Gulshan e Ravi, Lahore named Qasim Ali Shah Academy.

Qasim Ali Shah did his F. Sc. from Government Islamia College, Civil Lines Lahore.

He at that point selected in University of Engineering and Technology (UET) and earned a building degree.

He was known to be a very brilliant student who was also adored by his teachers and fellow students.

In the wake of finishing his designing, Qasim Ali Shah also showed up in the CSS exams.

He passed the exam and joined common administrations.

His vocation as a government employee was brief and he changed to educating calling. His showing profession advanced.

He has related with MPDD – Management proficient improvement division and show government officers.

He went ahead to build up an instructive foundation Qasim Ali Shah Academy in Lahore.

He has additionally associated with PGA – Punjab Judicial institute and has instructed the staff of High Court.

Shah progressively turned into a motivational speaker, proficient coach and essayist.

He has likewise served for Government offices, for example, DSD – Directorate of Staff advancement and educates 8000+ Headmasters.

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Qasim Ali Shah 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Qasim Ali Shah’s Mobile has hacked, and his personal photography were leaked, he said in a video.

The viral leaked photos finally wound up on the Internet, according to Qasim Ali Shah, after his data were robbed from his smartphone while it was repaired.

He stated that the photographs were personal and may be confirmed by glancing at his current house picture.

“They’re very old photos. They are, I suppose, 3 or 4 years old at least.,” stated Qasim Ali Shah of widespread leaked social media images. He said, while pointing or “There is no girl in the images.”

“They’re ancient photographs. They’re really old. You’re, I think, at least three or four years old “Qasim Ali Shah said that the social media photos were often leaked.

He responded that, because he was at home, he was dressed appropriately. “In the photos, no woman is there.”

“Only my family and children are expected to be on the internet for more photographs and videos,” he adds.

“Not everyone’s expecting the type of pictures and videos to come, though.”

Pakistani motivational speaker, Qasim Ali Shah broke his silence after his private pictures went viral on social media.

Some of his leaked pictures showed him shirtless. Netizens have claimed that more of such “indecent” pictures and videos will be seen in future.

The motivational speaker has created a Youtube video to explain his position.

Qasim has clarified in his video that his phone did not have a password, and the data was leaked after he gave his phone for the repairs.

He said that the pictures are from three to four years ago and were clicked at his residence.

He added that there was nothing objectionable about the pictures as he often wears a dhoti and a vest when he’s at home.

The Lahore based motivational speaker has already approached the cybercrime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and have lodged a complaint so that further action could be taken.