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Reham Khan 10 Personal Facts, Biography, Wiki

British-Pakistani journalist

Born: April 3, 1973 (age 47 years), Ajdabiya, Libya

Citizenship: British

Spouse: Imran Khan (m. 2014–2015), Ijaz Rehman (m. 1993–2005)

Children: Sahir Rehman, Inaya Rehman, Ridha Rehman

Books: Reham Khan

NICKNAME: Former BBC Weather Girl

FULL NAME: Reham Nayyar Khan

PROFESSION: Journalist, Producer, News Anchor


AGE: 47 years old (in 2020)

DATE OF BIRTH: 3 April 1973

BIRTHPLACE: Ajdabiya, Libya


HEIGHT: 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m)

WEIGHT: 55 kg (121 lbs)


EYE COLOR: Dark Brown

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Reham Khan 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Reham was born into a well-reputed family of Baffa village, Pakistan. She belongs to the Swati tribe.

Her father, Nayyar Ramzan and her paternal uncle, Abdul Hakeem Khan both were well-educated and renowned personalities from Baffa village.

Her father was a Physician and a doctorate degree holder.

Her paternal uncle was a Justice and governor of the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP).

When she was just 19 years old, she did an arrange marriage to Ejaz-ur-Rehman who was 14 years older than her.

Later, they both settled down in England.

They both separated in 2006 and the same year Reham started working at the Legal TV.

Later, she also worked with media houses like Sunshine Radio Hereford & Worcester and BBC.

Her most memorable interview was with Badam Zari, the first female contested for elections independently from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) in Bajaur.

In 2013, Reham went back to her country Pakistan and worked with big media houses such as Dawn TV, PTV, Neo TV, News One, Aaj TV, and In Focus.

In January 2015, she married Imran Khan who was 20 years older than her but the same year they both separated.

She is a foodie and loves to taste a variety of cuisines. She also loves cooking, Travelling, and Doing Social Work.

She is fluent in English, Urdu, Hindko, and Pashto.

Her Ex-husband, Imran Khan, was once interested in elder sister, Salma Nayyar, in the 1990s.

Her favourite foods are Backing Cupcakes, Gol Gappe, Sushi, Pizza, and Tiramisu.

She runs an organization to protect and educate the Pakistani children.

Reham Khan is not a citizen of Pakistani but was born to Pakistani parents in Libya.

Reham has not his major in journalism regardless of being a reporter.

She hosts her own talk show at Dawn news.

Reham Khan’s ex-husband, Ejaz Rehman is a well-known psychologist and they have 3 kids.

Though, the more fascinating thing as to the problems she faced and why she got divorced is still secreted from media.

Her Twitter fan following factually doubled after the secret of her wedding to Imran Khan leaked.

Reham also deactivated her Facebook account while rumor of her secret wedding to Imran Khan was exposed.

On several platforms, Reham has revealed her never-ending love for travelling, considering herself “free-spirited”.

Reham Khan’s program “The Reham Khan Show” which come out in May 2015 rejoices the Pakistani heroes.

Reham says she has left Pakistan for some months” for the security of her kids and would return to the country as soon as possible.

British and Pakistani journalist expressed her anguish over the development citing that she was tried to discontinue her daughter’s schooling.

It is more speculated that the book would carry details of her disturbed marriage with Imran Khan

Reham Khan has experience of Pakistani Journalist and Film Producer. She was born in Ajdabiya Libya on 3 April 1973.

Reham Khan is the ex-wife of Famous Cricketer Imran Khan which is president of Pakistan.

In her interview after the high-profile split with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan, Reham Khan has said she was a victim of a witch hunt in Pakistan due to Imran Khan.

Reham was born to Nayyar Ramzan, a Pakistani physician.

She is ethnically of Pashtun origins[9] from the Lughmani clan, a sub-clan of the Swati tribe.

She is fluent in four languages which include English , Urdu, Pashto and her ancestral Hindko.

Her family hails from the town of Baffa, lying 15 km west of Mansehra in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Her parents moved to Libya in the late 1960s, where Reham was born in Ajdabiya in 1973. She has one sister and one brother.

She is the niece of Abdul Hakeem Khan who was a former governor of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province and former Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court.

Reham has a Bachelor Degree in Education from Jinnah College for Women, Peshawar

She married Ejaz Rehman (Spelling variants include Ijaz), her first cousin and British psychiatrist, when she was 19.

Following their divorce, Khan began working as a broadcast journalist.

She has three children who have lived with her since the divorce.

On 6 January 2015, Imran Khan confirmed his marriage to Reham which ended on 30 October 2015 in a divorce.