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You have seen these 4 amazing individuals Sami, Jazzy, Rida and Mubeen from Bekaar Films in different jobs spreading grins and snickers.

In an elite meeting with Bekaar Films talked about different points.

Q. Inform us regarding yourself.

Ans. Our entire group is from a similar college, all single men in TV and Film.

Q. What was the explanation that pushed you to begin BekaarFilms?

Ans. Everything began when we were sitting at a café. It was our last year at our college and each of the 4 of us were film making understudies.

We sat and chose that after our degree, we would all proceed onward with our occupations and separate schedules.

Also, the work we will do will be as per the customers’ briefs, we will do nothing of our decision.

So we chose to get together consistently and shoot recordings from thoughts we grew for no reason in particular

since film making was simply not an occupation for us, it was our obsession also.

Q. How you characterize a perfect performer?

Ans. Somebody who can carry a grin to your face.

bekaar vines rida leaked images

Q. What motivates you most to turn into a fruitful individual?

Ans. To get inspiration our day by day lives.

Q. Educate us regarding your interests?

Ans. Taping and voyaging.

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Q. Are colleges assuming a positive job in advancing new ability?

Ans. Somewhat.

Q. What are the most troublesome things that you folks have managed as another ability?

Ans. Overseeing work, family and Bekaar life simultaneously. 😂

Q. Where you see yourself and your divert in up and coming years?

Ans. Making our very own component film.

Q. By what method will you characterize media outlet condition in Pakistan?

Ans. Creating.

Q. One suggestion that you might want to provide for youngsters?

Ans. Pursue your enthusiasm, buckle down, remain reliable and never surrender.

Ans. Extraordinary blog, love your substance. Continue advancing youthful ability of Pakistan.

bekaar vines rida leaked images

Youtube star Rida Aasim Islam has given an announcement to reacts to fans who were worried about her concise nonattendance from online life.

She utilized her Instagram record to cautioned the haters against criticizing her through an organized battle.

Here is the thing that she stated:

“Assalam o Alaikum everybody! I was from Instagram for some time since certain haters were spreading appalling bits of gossip about me.

So a great deal of you all began inboxing me getting some information about reality.

I became ill and tired of furnishing individuals responses so I deactivated.

bekaar vines rida leaked images

My better half, @ghazenferjaffery , and I took this case to FIA Cybercrime for slander and provocation.

On account of Mr. Abdul Ghaffar who took my case forward. A couple of guilty parties have been gotten and are under scrutiny.

The pages and records making and spreading junk material about me, their names have been given to FIA.

Because of every one of my fans who shared the connections and screen captures.

There were a couple of pages who actually apologized so we didn’t share their names ahead.

We additionally have contacts of numerous individuals who are spreading such gossipy tidbits on whatsapp, their numbers have been sent to FIA also.

What’s more, on the off chance that anybody keeps on bugging me, I will report their records to FIA.

bekaar vines rida leaked images

Numerous haters spread such trash about me, I don’t have a clue whether it was either to criticize me as a big name, break my marriage

or perhaps in light of the fact that I am a lady and I endeavored to get where I am today and they needed to cut me down.

Yet, to their failure, I won’t be separated that effectively.

I will proceed Bekaar Films as it’s something I began with every one of my endeavors.

I don’t fear anybody in light of the fact that my better half is with me, Alhamdulillah.

My family and my friends and family are supporting me. What’s more, generally significant, Allah is with me.

One thing I need to state to all ladies out there is to be solid and consistently battle for your right.

FIA Cybercrime is consistently there to assist you with trip on the off chance that anybody attempts to Cyber menace you, so never surrender.

bekaar vines rida leaked images

In conclusion, I might want to share that there are two sorts of men in this world.

One who are powerless enough to cut down a young lady’s character by spreading gossipy tidbits for barely any preferences and perspectives.

Different ones are those tough men who regard ladies and bolster them inside and out, much the same as my better half, Ghazenfer,

who has been with me and has upheld me all through. Which sort of a man would you say you are?”

bekaar vines rida leaked images

bekaar vines rida leaked images

bekaar vines rida leaked images

bekaar vines rida leaked images