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Do you think about the YouTube Silver Play button? YouTube Creator Rewards, all the more generally known as YouTube Play Buttons,

are acknowledgment by YouTube of its most mainstream channels.

Without a doubt, you think about numerous YouTubers since there’s another performer each other day

however the news we give you today will do right by you.

Our own one of a kind female Pakistani YouTuber, Rida Aasim Islam got a YouTube Silver Play button;

she’s one of the absolute first to accomplish it here.

We are certain you think about her, all things considered, in the event that you’re living in Pakistan and don’t think about Bekaar Films,

at that point you’re presumably living under a stone.

Along these lines, we got hold of this celebrity and posed her to answer a couple of inquiries.

One of the principal female YouTubers in Pakistan to get a silver play button from YouTube, how does that vibe like?

It feels extremely extraordinary and I need this accomplishment to urge ladies in Pakistan to make their very own YouTube channels and produce content.

We truly need increasingly female YouTubers in Pakistan.

rida aasim islam leak, rida asim scandal

Talk us through the inclination when you previously began with Bekaar Vines.

We began Bekaar vines as a diversion since we were film making understudies from a similar college in our last year around then.

So we use to make these little recordings for no particular reason. We truly didn’t hope to get this far.

The initial step is consistently the hardest. So let us know, what were the impediments you confronted?

Since we made these recordings for no particular reason we got a ton of analysis from individuals

however we didn’t give the analysis a chance to get to us since we were glad doing what we were doing.

Regardless of what you do individuals will consistently have something pessimistic to state however you simply need to overlook those individuals.

In the event that we had tuned in to those individuals from the earliest starting point

and quit making recordings Bekaar films wouldn’t be what it is today.

Who thought of the name, Bekaar vines which later on went in to Bekaar films?

We concocted the name Bekaar on the grounds that we thought

if individuals somehow managed to state to us that “aap logon ki recordings buhat Bekaar hoti hain”

we would simply answer “humara naam howdy BEKAAR hai” why not turn a negative word to a positive one.

What’s more, changed from vines to films since Vine was a prominent application in those days where you would make 7-second recordings

however since our recordings weren’t 7 seconds they weren’t delegated vines they were essentially short productions

with the goal that’s the reason we went from vines to films.

rida aasim islam leak, rida asim scandal

Which video is your generally top pick?

The Valentines video where Sami is upbeat going to see a young lady he met on Facebook just because yet when he sees her in person

he becomes frustrated on the grounds that she was not what he anticipated. That video was simply great.

A thought that you need to chip away at since quite a while?

So we are as of now taking a shot at a web arrangement that we will deliver genuine soon. The content is practically prepared

and I’m truly anticipating this undertaking.

Was being a performer your arrangement from the earliest starting point? Or on the other hand was there something different

that you had your eyes set on?

Not actually. My arrangement was to ponder Fashion Design however the college I went to didn’t offer the course so I picked Film Making.

I don’t lament my choice in spite of the fact that I’m still into Fashion planning.

On the off chance that things don’t work out during the shoot, how would you handle that? Keep your quiet or lose your temper genuine fast?

At the point when one of us loses temper, we chill off, attempt to make sense of an answer and if nothing works, there’s constantly one more day.

Reveal to us an entertaining on set story.

In one of our recordings, Mubeen and Ghazenfer needed to take on the appearance of ladies who are on a shopping binge in a shopping center,

during that shoot the looks that Ghazenfer and Mubeen got from irregular individuals in the shopping center were simply extremely valuable.

rida aasim islam leak, rida asim scandal

You’ve arrived at an achievement. What’s your next achievement target?

Accomplishing the Gold Play Button.

How could you commend this accomplishment?

We went for a photograph shoot! ;D

One statement that has stayed with you.

“Haters are the individuals who will communicate your disappointments and murmur your prosperity.” – Will Smith

At that point we posed her two or three snappy inquiries:

One thing you can’t endure.

Individuals smoking around me.

You’re another expansion to the colored pencil box. What shading would you be and why?

Yellow since it sticks out.

Four words for Ghazenfer’s top.

Out of control, vivid, yellow and dark.

Is it true that you are down to earth or passionate?

Now and again down to earth, some of the time passionate.

Your main tune?

A spot with no name – Michael Jackson

rida aasim islam leak, rida asim scandal

The tune latched onto your subconscious mind at the present time?

Fuchsia Riddim by DJ Snake.

Hitched life or single life? Why?

Both have their very own charms.

What is the most interesting thing that has transpired as of late?

I viewed Deadpool 2.

An expression that you state generally?

Yaar bhook lagri feed.

On the off chance that you could go anyplace right now where might it be?


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