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Pakistani model

Nationality: Pakistani

Notable work: 7 Din Mohabbat In (2018)

Pakistani transgender model Rimal Ali was seen in the film 7 Din Mohabbat In (7DMI).

The film stars big guns from the industry such as Mahira Khan, Sheheryar Munawar and Javed Sheikh amongst many others in pivotal roles.

Being a skilled dancer and a prominent figure in Pakistan’s transgender community, Rimal first featured in a 2017 music video of the local band, Soch.

In 7DMI, Rimal is seen performing an item number called Saudai Saiyan.

Speaking to a leading English publication Variety, about her role in 7DMI, Rimal said,

“The first thing I wanted to be sure of when the role was offered to me was whether it makes a mockery of our community, which happens often in Bollywood and Lollywood films.”

She continued that she was thrilled at how wonderfully the story featured a transgender character.

“Directors of the film, Meenu Gaur and Farjad Nabi made sure to not victimise the character either, which is another trap that films often fall into,” added Rimal.

Gaur stated that 7DMI portrays a message that being a man or a woman, or both, does not matter.

She explained, “The fact that 7DMI is releasing in the same year that Pakistan passed the landmark Transgender Persons Act – which gives the right to every person to self-identify – makes having Rimal in our film extra special.”

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Rimal Ali is a Pakistani transgender model and professional dancer. She made her film debut in 2018 with Saat Din Mohabbat In.

In March 2017, a well-known music band featured her as a transgender person in their music video.

Whereas Rimal Ali has performed as an actress and model in many music videos to enter into showbiz and for her career.

She is also working as an actress in two upcoming movies.

Transgender Model Rimal Ali made her cinematic debut with ‘Saath Din Mohabbat In’.

The movie already stars Sheheryar Munawar and Mahira Khan in lead roles, while Rimal also performed an item song alongside the former.

Rimal revealed the tale behind her being cast opposite Munawwar to shake a leg in a song. She said:

“I was approached for the movie by producer, Sanam Mehdi and I knew I had to do it.

I can’t reveal the name of my character but what I can say is that I will be playing a transgender club dancer, which is why I also have a dance number in the movie.

Sheheryar will also be performing with me in the song. We had a lot of fun during the shoot!”

Though the exact extent of Rimal’s role is unknown, it is good to see that Pakistani film industry is taking strides in a right direction.

Nothing could be more progressive in terms of cinema than giving transgender people a chance to also show their talent.

Let’s just wish that her role is appropriate and fulfilling to what she deserve.

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