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Bob Dole’s daughter
Born: October 15, 1954 (age 67 years)
Parents: Bob Dole, Phyllis Holden
Grandparents: Doran Ray Dole, Bina M. Dole
Aunts: Gloria Dole Nelson, Norma Steele

Robin Dole is the daughter of the deceased American politician Bob Dole.

Her father died on 5 December 2021. Three days after the news, a schedule for the memorial got announced. The remembrances will begin on Thursday at the U.S. capitol.

Today President Joe Biden, Congressional leaders, and the Dole family attended a private ceremony in the Rotunda. Before the ceremony, Bob’s casket arrived in the Capitol, which will stay there for 24 hours.

Elizabeth Dole Foundation cut ties with Tim Unes, an event planner working on the funeral of Robin’s father. Jan. 6 select committee subpoenaed the guy for his work organizing the rally before that day’s attacks.

The Senate’s top Republican complained about his involvement, costing him his current job.

As for Robin Dole’s husband, she hasn’t disclosed anything on the subject.

However, her Instagram bio (@robinldole) says that she is a mother of twins. At 67 years old, she probably is married. Nevertheless, the name of her husband and even her children remains hidden.

Since Robin remains quiet on social media services, it is hard to speculate on her private matters.

Although facts on her husband and children remain unknown, we know a few things about her family. Her aunts are Gloria Dole Nelson and Norma Steele. Likewise, her late mother is Phyllis Holden, while her stepmother is Elizabeth Dole.

The schedule of the memorial for the former Senate and Robin Dole’s father, Bob Dole, is out.

According to it, U.S. President Joe Biden will share a few words during the memorial at 11 A.M. on 10 December in Washington National Cathedral.

The public will be allowed to pay their respects to the former Senate the same day as the National World War II Memorial in Washington.

Robin attends a private ceremony along with President Biden, Congressional leadership, and Senator Elizabeth Dole in the United States Capitol Rotunda on 9 December.

At 9:45 A.M., the Joint Service Casket Team will retrieve the casket and make their way to U.S. Capitol Rotunda Foyer.

Formal departure will take place at 10 A.M. the next day. And at 11 A.M., the funeral service will happen in Washington National Cathedral in attendance of the U.S. president, Senators Pat Roberts and Tom Daschle, and Senator Dole’s daughter.

After the WWII Memorial ceremony, at 2:35 P.M., a departure ceremony will happen. On the evening of 10 December, Bob’s casket will arrive at Salina Regional Airport. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly led delegation will receive it.

On 11 December, Memorial services will happen in Russell and Kansas State Capitol Service. After the services, the late Senator’s casket and his family will return to the nation’s capital.

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Robin Dole 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Robin Dole, 67, is the only child of Bob and his first wife Phyllis.

Robin grew up in Kansas and Washington DC.

She even helped out Bob with his political campaigns, though she did not have an official label for her duties, she was said to have given one hundred percent.

She keeps a largely private life, and not much is known.