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Robyn Ingraham was, at first, “beyond excited” to run as a Liberal candidate for Dartmouth South.

The 20-something barber and mental health advocate officially announced she was running in a Facebook post.

But that post, along with Ingraham’s candidate page on the NS Liberal Party website, were taken down after she was allegedly pushed out of the party.

“After being ‘acclaimed’ as a candidate…I was asked to call the communications director,” says an Instagram post from Ingraham that was put up yesterday evening (see below).

“I was led on to think that everything was fine.”

Originally, Ingraham was told to blame her mental health as the reason she dropped out of the race.

She did this, suggesting she would like to run again for the Liberals when her mental health allowed:

On Saturday, the day after announcing her candidacy, she told CBC that “in the future when I can better manage my anxiety, you may see my face with a red border once again.”

But since then, rumours have swirled that Ingraham was actually booted from the Liberal fold after old boudoir photos resurfaced, even though she disclosed them to the party before running.

She finally confirmed those rumours.

“During the application process I was very open about my story, and my time in front of photographers lenses,” the post reads.

“I explained that I love to show off the artwork on my skin, and I have no problem taking boudoir photos alone and with my friends.”

Ingraham goes on to explain that the boudoir photos and an OnlyFans account she started were to help her make ends meet during the first year of opening her own business, The Gentle Barber in Dartmouth, one of the few female-owned barber shops in the province.

“Having a platform to post photos and videos on that charges a subscription fee, among other features, seemed like a fast way to pay my bills and put food on my table,” she says.

“Although, I shouldn’t have to explain myself. This platform is LEGAL.”

In the post, Ingraham flatly disavows the earlier story about why her candidacy ended:

“All I want is for the real story to be out there, and for those to know that though my mental illness’ have hindered me in the past—they are not responsible for this.”

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Robyn Ingraham 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

It was never Robyn Ingraham’s intention to go into politics but when a client of the Nova Scotia barber shop owner suggested she would make a great candidate, she decided to give it a shot.

On July 16, she announced she was running as a Liberal candidate for Dartmouth South.

The following day, that Facebook post, along with her candidate page on the N.S. Liberal Party site, were nowhere to be found.

Ingraham had stepped down, claiming the campaign would affect her mental health.

But in a new statement posted to Instagram, Ingraham says she was pressured to step down over boudoir photos – images she had been open about from the get-go.