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Popular TV actor Karan Mehra, best known for playing as main lead in Star Plus’ serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, and his estranged wife actress Nisha Rawal have been making headlines since the past few months due to their legal battle and blame game.

The duo got married in November 2012 and also blessed with a boy Kavish Mehra in 2017. However, things aren’t always as good as they look from outside and their relationship proved it.

In May 2021, Nisha, known for her role in Life OK’s TV show Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki, filed some serious allegations of domestic voice and abuse against Karan and also filed an FIR for the same. Since then a legal battle has been going on between them in court.

However, legally they aren’t divorced yet and Nisha is living separately with her son Kavish, and taking all his responsibilities as a single parent.

Now, again their relationship has come into the spotlight due to some serious allegations made by Karan against Nisha, of having an extra-marital affair with Rohit Sethia.

The actor held a press conference on Thursday, August 4, 2022, where he addressed the allegation levied upon him by his estranged wife Nisha Rawal.

In the conference, the actor made some shocking revelation accusing Nisha of having an extramarital affair with her “namesake brother” Rohit Sethia for the past 11 months.

Karna said that he didn’t tell anything regarding this before because he didn’t have any proof, but now he has proofs, he had already submitted them to the court.

He revealed that Rohit is currently living with Nisha and her son Kavish in his (Karan’s) 4.5BHK apartment and enjoying all the facilities on his money.

He also said that Rohit is her “Muh bola bhai” of 14 years, who also did her Kanyadan. As per his claims, Rohit physically assaulted him and threw out of his own house.

He further revealed that Rohit also called up a few people from some political parties, to intimidate him and he has also been getting death threats from unknown numbers.

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rohit sethia nisha rawal brother

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Although not much have been known about Rohit Sethia, going by Karan’s claims, he is from Lucknow and already have a 7-year old daughter who ties rakhi to Karan and Nisha’s son Kavish.

As per Karan, Rohit is Nisha’s namesake brother of 14 years and also did her Kanyadaan.

As per his statement, Rohit has been living with Nisha and Kavish for the past 11 months, which according to him, isn’t morally correct, as legally Nisha is still his wife, so her relationship with Rohit is an extramarital affair.

He accused both of snatching away his property and are enjoying it all on his money. Karan also revealed that Rohit is a chain smoker and consumes alcohol as well as Gutka -paan which he has never done.

Popular television actor Karan Mehra has levelled some serious allegations on his estranged wife-actress Nisha Rawal.