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Sania Khan was a Chicago-based photographer and content creator who specialised in weddings and couples photography and the 29-year-old, was originally from the mountain town Chattanooga in Tennessee and moved to Chicago, Illinois, in June 2021.

The photographer also revealed on her website that she used to be a flight attendant earlier.

Sania Khan was a young photographer who hails from Chicago. Sania’s age was just 29 years as of 2022 when she passed away. Khan when alive used to feel that photography was the most significant part of her life.

Khan came in as an amateur to just pass her time with photography but later on, she became a huge professional in this amazing field of work.

After that she brought her first DSLR, her actual journey began and it changed her life totally and she actually fell deeply in love with photography.

Sania Khan learned the craft properly and later on utilized it properly for her success in her professional career in photography and this short career had been an amazing one for her.

According to the fan’s reactions and posts on social media for condolences, Sania Khan’s death news was confirmed on social media only.

Fans are still curious and worried to know what actually happened to Sania Khan and want to know what happened to her exactly as this has not yet confirmed what the cause behind her death is.

As per media sources, it is said that she is murdered by her ex-husband Raheel Ahmed who travelled from Georgie to kill her. Her fans were shattered after the news of her death was out as she was an inspiration to aspiring photographers.

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Sania Khan, a new professional photographer, had been murdered by the woman soon-to-be ex-husband Raheel Ahmed. It’s stated that Khan’s ex-husband shot the woman to demise and killed himself after recognizing cops standing at their home.

Reports make sure Raheel fatally shot their spouse on July 18, 2022, inside the woman condominium in Streeterville. After killing the girl, he committed committing suicide also.

Today, the whole matter has actually surfaced on the net and it has grabbed the eye of netizens. Sania’s followers were coming ahead and having to pay the social media marketing influencer tributes. Let me reveal every thing we understand about any of it.

According to reports, 36-year-old Raheel Ahmed journeyed entirely to Streeterville to face Sania. But lead to Raheel killing Sania with a gun then closing his very own life also.

The officials achieved the target of condominium on East Ohio Street after becoming requested to execute a well-being check up on him.

It offers come ahead that their household has actually subscribed a missing individual issue and also to explore the situation, they attained the offered target.

As shortly as cops knocked on Ahmed’s home, they heard a gunshot. If they joined, they found both Sania and Ahmed’s figures.