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Sarah Khan (اداکارہ سارہ خان) is a well-organized actress. She belongs to Pakistan and has a lot of success on her behalf.

Not many fans of Sarah Ali Khan know that she was born in Madina, Saudia Arabia.

Sarah Khan started her career in 2012 with a little but very effective role in the drama serial of HUM TV Badi Aapa.

After that Sarah Ali Khan gains a lot of success only because of her hard work and interest in acting.

As we said earlier Sarah Ali Khan born in Madina, Saudia Arab. Now she settles in Karachi. Sarah Ali’s date of birth is 14 July 1992.

According to her date of birth, Sarah Ali Khan age is 27 years old and she looking very young and energetic.

She believes in hard work, hard work and only hard work. Therefore, Sarah Ali Khan got a lot of success in her early career.

In 2014, Sarah Ali Khan included in the BBC’s 100 women.

Name: Sarah Khan (اداکارہ سارہ خان)

Nick Name: Sarah

Profession: TV actress, model

Date of birth: 14 July 1992

Place of birth: Karachi

Nationality: Pakistani

Religion: Islam

Hometown: Karachi (Pakistani)

Sarah Khan sisters: Noor Khan and Aisha Khan

Height: 5 Feet 5 inches (165CM)

Weight: 55 KG (119 lbs)

Body Measurement: 34-29-35

Hair Colour: Black

Sarah Khan surprised their fans about her marriage. She decided to marry Falak Shabir.

Sarah Khan told that I decided to marry Falak Shabir and he will be my husband.

She also shares a video in which you can see that Singer Falak Shabir wear a ring to Sarah Khan and asked her to marry me.

Sarah Khan accepts his offer and decides to marry her.

Sarah Khan told the fans she decided to marry soon with Falak Shabir.

The showbiz personalities congratulation to Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir for engagement.

Sarah Khan 10 Pics, Photos, Pictures

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Sarah Khan Wedding Pic

Sarah Khan 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Actress Sarah Khan chose her life partner. Her husband name is Falak Shabir.

Fans are very happy and gave well wishes to Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir.

Sarah Khan marriage with Falak Shabir took place with a lot of happiness and understanding.

Sarah Khan shares some pictures with her husband Falak Shabir.

Sarah Khan husband Falak Shabir first time told about his marriage with Sarah Khan.

He said that I met Sarah Khan on Hum TV Bridal Show in 2019, where I decided to spend my life with Sarah Khan.

I met Sarah Khan before in a shorter period of time and can not spend a lot of time. After that, I offer Sarah Khan for a dinner.

She agrees and went for dinner. After dinner, I left Sarah Khan in her house. On the way, I offer Sarah Khan to marry me.

Sarah Khan said to meet my father. My father decided about my marriage. Falak Shabir met Sarah Khan father.

Conversation with her father continued for about two hours. Sarah Khan father accepts me and agrees with my marriage with Sarah Khan.

Falak Shabir further told about her future life with Sarah Khan that She will be independent about her activities in the showbiz industry.

She can continue her career as an actress. I have no objection whatsoever.

For the first time, actress Sarah Khan opens her mouth and told her love story.

She told in an interview that everybody falls in love. My first love is my mother. I can not leave without her.

My second love is my father. He is a great human being.

Sarah Khan told her fans that after her mother and father love, my husband will be the next person, which deserves my love.

Sarah Khan love story is very strange. She told that I am in love with a person but I can not say any more.

Sarah Khan further I can not talk more to my future husband because of my home atmosphere. I will be married soon with my love.

A few days back, Sarah Khan gave an interview to Bol Nights With Ahsan Khan.

Anchor Ahsan Khan asked her why she did not work in the films?

Sarah Khan said that So many producers offer to wok in the films but I can not do work in the films only because of the demands on scenes.

Sarah Khan further said that I work in a pure family film that is neat and clean without any bold scenes.

Sarah Khan has a rich family background. She has two young and attractive sisters.

Sarah Khan sister names are Noor Khan and Aisha Khan.

As we said earlier that Sarah Ali Khan two young sisters and one brother.

At the moment we can not tell you the name of her brother but as soon as possible we told you.

Sarah Khan mother’s name is Seema Khan. Her mother died.

On the death of her mother, Sarah Khan was very dejected and weeping bitterly.

With the passage of time, She became very strong and hardworking and handle her family.

Sarah Khan emotionally attached to her mother Seema Khan.

Sarah Khan very keens on her figure and spent a lot of time in the gym. She loses a lot of weight in the last two or three months.

She is a taller guy. Sarah Khan height is 5 feet and 5 inches.