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Pakistani actress

Born: 1974 (age 46 years), Lahore, Pakistan

Children: Rahil & Mohib

Parents: Shahid Nadeem, Madeeha Gauhar

Movies: Mahnoor, Good Morning Karachi

Education: National School of Drama, Kinnaird College For Women University

KNOWN FOR Qaid-e-Tanhai


FULL NAME: Savera Nadeem

PROFESSION: Actress, Producer, Director, Presenter


AGE: 45 years old (in 2020)



HEIGHT: 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 m)

WEIGHT: 65 kg (134 lbs)

BODY MEASUREMENTS: 36-31-37 inches

WAIST: 31 inches

HIPS: 37 inches

BODY TYPE: Hourglass



EYE COLOR: Dark Brown

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Sawera Nadeem 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Savera Nadeem had an ideal childhood.

She has the fondest memories of the days she spent at her grandparents house in Lahore, upper mall.

Savera Nadeem loved playing with dolls and was really close to her grandparents.

Savera Nadeem’s parents left Pakistan and moved to England when she was about 5 years old.

That was not a good period of her life since she was separated from her grandparents.

Savera never enjoyed her time in England since it was always cold there, there was hardly ever any sunshine and she missed her grandparents.

After 8 years or so her parents moved to Karachi and she was overjoyed to be back in Pakistan.

Savera became shy and kept to herself when she was in England because she was never happy there.

Savera Nadeem’s parents separated when she was 13 years old. That was also the time when the family moved from England to Karachi.

Savera Nadeem shared in an interview that even though her parents were no longer together but there was no bitterness between them.

Her mother understood that it was really important for the children to respect and love their father.

That is when they moved to Lahore, where Savera Nadeem’s grandparents, aunts and uncles proved to be a big support system.

Savera Nadeem’s step mother and father both were well read people who excelled in their respective fields.

Savera Nadeem’s step-mother Madeeha Gauhar was a famous playwright, actress and also the director of social theater.

She was also a well-known women’s rights activist. Madeeha Gauhar was also the founder of Ajoka Theatre.

This theatre was famous for staging dramas based on social themes on the street and in public places.

This theatre also performed internationally.

When Savera Nadeem watched the play staged by Ajoka Theatre when she was 15 years old that is when she decided she wanted to perform.

Savera Nadeem shared in an interview that Madeeha Gauhar played a major role in encouraging her to write and act.

Savera Nadeem’s father Shahid Mahmood Nadeem is an award-winning Pakistani journalist, playwright, screenwriter, theater and television director, and a human rights activist.

He also served as the general manager, program director, and deputy managing director of the Pakistan Television Corporation.

Savera Nadeem says that even though her parents were separated, she was always really close to her father.

Savera Nadeem and her father share a close connection even now.

She thinks that she and her father are alike which is why they get along so well.

Savera Nadeem did a small role in one of the theatre plays staged by Ajoka theatre when she was 15 years old.

When she was 16 years old, an opportunity presented itself when the lead actress for a big theatre play was not available.

That is when she begged her father to take her for the role.

Her father was not too eager to take her for the role because in his opinion she was too young.

She desperately wanted to do the role and eventually with the help and support of her step-mother, he agreed.

This was her first big break. She was groomed and trained for this role and she performed well in it.

Apart from the college days when everyone finds it difficult to wake up in the morning, Savera Nadeem has always been an early riser.

She likes starting her day really early and it has never been a problem for her.

Savera Nadeem’s ideal man was not easy to find but she was lucky enough to find him some 12 years back.

Savera Nadeem met her husband through a friend who thought that they will get a long really well.

There was an instant connection between them. After knowing each other for a couple of years, they got married.

Savera Nadeem’s husband is in the satellite industry and they have also jointly done productions together.

Savera Nadeem is not one of those celebrities who are easily accessible on social media.

You can’t even find her pictures with her family on the internet.

So much so that no one even knows her husband’s name or how many children she has.

The reason for this is that Savera and her husband decided a long time back that they were going to keep their personal lives very private.

They have managed to do just that since even some of the people in the industry have never met her husband.

Savera Nadeem says that her husband and children, the time she spends with them is her safe haven because she keeps this life away from public eye.