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Salman Taseer’s son
Born: 1983 (age 38 years), Lahore, Pakistan
Great-grandparent: Geoffrey Osmond George
Parents: Salman Taseer, Aamna Taseer

Shahbaz Taseer is a Pakistani businessman, and the son of the former Governor of Punjab (Pakistan) Salman Taseer.

In August 2011, following his father’s assassination, he was kidnapped by militants in Lahore while he was driving to his office from home.

Taseer was held in captivity for around four and a half years and was recovered from Kuchlak, Balochistan on 8 March 2016.

Taseer’s kidnapping was referred as one of the most high-profile kidnappings in Pakistan by The Guardian.

BBC’s HARDtalk interviewed Taseer about his days in captivity.

In an interview, he mentioned that he was held by Uzbek militants, before eventually being passed to the Taliban.

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Model Neha Rajpoot has officially married Shahbaz Taseer, son of the former Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer.

The couple was joined by friends and family for an intimate nikkah ceremony.

For her big day, blushing bride Neha donned a grey embellished lehenga paired with silver jewelry.

Groom Shahbaz on the other hand, wore a white shalwar kameez with grey waist coat.

In one of the videos shared on social media, fans could also see snippets of the duo’s nikkah.

Both the bride and groom were separated by a flower curtain.

Post their matrimonial ceremonies, Neha and Shahbaz together celebrated the event with a cake cutting ceremony.

The newly wedded couple was spotted all-smiles in a viral photo as they sat together on the stage.

Shahbaz Taseer is the son of former Punjab Governor Salman Taseer.

Shahbaz Taseer,s mother name is Aamna Taseer, who is the chairperson of an investment management company.

Shahbaz Taseer has one brother named Shehryar and one sister named Sheherbano.

Shahbaz Taseer’s first wife was Maheen Ghani. Their relationship ended in 2020 due to some personal problems.

Shahbaz Taseer and Maheen Ghani were blessed with a daughter. Maheen Ghani blamed Neha Rajpoot for her divorce.

In September 2021, Shahbaz Taseer got married to Pakistani fashion model and actress Neha Rajpoot in an intimate wedding ceremony.

During the five years when Shahbaz was abducted, he was married to Maheen Ghani.

She waited for him for those five years and when he reached home safely, the couple announced the birth of their child a year later. However, their daughter was not even a year old when the couple split up.

It was a shock to the world that they had separated because it was a love story made in heaven: the wife waits faithfully for her husband, and at last he returns. But what transpired?

Subsequent to the divorce news, rumor had it that the reason behind the big decision came in after Shahbaz was caught cheating on his wife. However, it was only recently that the rumor was confirmed.

Maheen was asked last year whether her marriage ended due to her husband’s affair with a model. Many praised the psychologist and designer for her clear and mature response.

“To each their own I guess, and whatever makes them happy,” she said. “Though I do hope that this trend of certain models with married men and vice versa changes. I am divorced now fortunately and wish them peace and healing.”

However, Neha did not remain silent and fired back at Maheen. Likewise, she made vile accusations at the latter in her response. “LOL, it is easy to point fingers at people who stay quiet well there are always two sides to a story […],” she said.

“Calling them homewreckers and totally disregard housewives who when their husbands are away for long, they cheat left to right and center. And then blame the man for moving on I rest my case here I wish her peace and love xx.”

Anyhow, we wish Neha Rajpoot and Shahbaz Taseer all the best for marrying each other as they begin this new chapter of their lives.