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Sohail Asghar 10 Personal Facts, Biography, Wiki

Pakistani TV actor
Born: June 15, 1954, Lahore, Pakistan
Died: November 13, 2021, Lahore, Pakistan

Sohail Asghar was born in Lahore and completed his education from his hometown and then joined Radio Pakistan. He served as a radio jockey from 1978 to 1988 and started taking part in local theatre shows.

During that time, he developed interest for acting. He left his job at the radio station and worked at carpet business of his cousin.

After one year, he left the business and again joined Radio in Lahore.

During his course as RJ, he got noticed by Nusrat Thakur, a director at the PTV Lahore. He was signed for play ‘Raat’.

Though he was not the lead role, his acting skills were noticed by the industry. He then did a play ‘Khwaish’ for which he was highly appreciated. His other notable dramas include ‘Laag’, ‘Piyas’, ‘Chand Grehn’, ‘Kajal Ghar’, etc.

He made his movie debut by acting in ‘Murad’ in year 2003, which is also known as ‘Eunuch’s Motherhood’. He played the role of ‘Saima’ who adopts a child Murad. The story revolved around her being rejected by society and how she raises her son.

His role in the movie bagged him award for Outstanding Performance at The 1st Indus Drama Awards.

After his debut, he starred in ‘Mahnoor’ in year 2004, which is a movie about a dancer from prostitute market. His last movie was ‘Victim of an Honour Killing’, which was a British movie about honour killings, as the name suggests.

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Sohail Asghar 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Sohail Asghar was a Pakistani TV, Film and Theater actor.

Sohail was born in Lahore, Pakistan. After completing his education he joined Radio Pakistan.

He worked as Radio Jockey from 1978 to 1988. He was introduced in TV drama Raat by a Director at PTV Lahore Nusrat Thakur.

He appeared in his first movie named Murad in 2003. He got award for Outstanding Performance at The 1st Indus Drama Awards for this film. He got best actor award for the year 2002 at 12th PTV Awards show organized to mark 40 years of Pakistan Television.

Asghar died on 13 November 2021, in a hospital in Lahore.

Born in Lahore, Asgar completed his education there and later began his career in theatre. One of the most recognised faces in the entertainment industry, Asgar appeared in a number of popular dramas, including Khuda ki Basti, Dukh Sukh, Kajal Ghar, and Reza Reza.