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Vietnamese singer
Born: July 5, 1994 (age 27 years), Thái Bình, Vietnam
Full name: Nguyen Thanh Tung
Award: List of awards and nominations received by Sơn Tùng M-TP

Parents: Nguyen Duc Thien, Pham Thi Thanh Binh
Siblings: Nguyen Viet Hoang
Date of Birth July 5, 1994
Age 27 Years, 10 Months, 10 Days

Place of Birth Thai Binh
Country Vietnam
Profession Pop Singer
Horoscope Cancer

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Son Tung MTP 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Nguyễn Thanh Tùng was born on 5 July 1994, in Thái Bình, Thái Bình Province to Nguyễn Đức Thiện and Phạm Thị Thanh Bình. Bình was a traditional dancer in the city’s official performing group and a performer in Thái Bình’s chèo theatre.

She met Thiện when he was working as a transport driver. After becoming pregnant with Tùng, Bình opened a barbershop at home which later became a clothing store. She also used to work as a bridal make-up artist. The singer described his early life as “peaceful.”

He has a younger brother, Nguyễn Việt Hoàng (b. 2000).

He was two years old when the family discovered his singing ability. At the age of eight, he joined Thái Bình’s Children’s Arts and Culture Palace and learned to play the electronic keyboard. Tùng’s mother plays guitar, and her husband plays seven instruments.

However, they disapproved of their son’s pursuit of a singing career and wanted him to focus on education; his father wanted him to study business in college. Despite this, Tùng frequently participated in talent shows at school.

In 2009, he and his classmates formed a group, Over Band, and began writing and uploading songs on the independent-music website LadyKillah.

Rap artist Hoàng Kê, one of the site’s participants, invited the singer to join his Young Pilots hip hop group in 2010. Young Pilots recorded and performed across Thái Bình, successful in their hometown and online.

At this time, Tùng adopted the stage name M-TP, which was an acronym for Mr. Tùng Pình, a nickname bestowed by fellow LadyKillah member Mr. J. According to the singer, it now stands for “music,” “tài năng” (“talent”), and “phong cách” (“style”).

Tùng originally wrote “Cơn mưa ngang qua” for Over Band and Young Pilots before deciding to record the song himself. He published it on the music website Zing MP3 in August 2011, and within two months of release, it had 1.7 million streams.

“Cơn mưa ngang qua”‘s success exceeded Tùng’s expectations.

It received the Song of the Month award from the music-chart TV program Favorite Song in October 2012, and a Zing Music Award for R&B Song of the Year. Two revised versions of the song were released in February 2012.

That year, he was admitted to the Conservatory of Ho Chi Minh City with one of its highest entrance scores. He left the conservatory in June 2014, while filming Dandelion, due to scheduling conflicts and a desire to focus on his future career.

In July 2012, he auditioned for Vietnam Idol’s fourth season and was eliminated in the first round.