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Sonia Sadaf Is an assistant commissioner officer of the city of Sialkot, Pakistan and she is the most talented assistant commissioner officer.

She started her career as AC Sialkot Officer in 2020.

Name: Sonia Sadaf

Date Of Birth: Not Known

Birth Place: Not Known

Hometown: Sialkot, Pakistan

Age: Not Known

She completed her education of degree of master’s in public communication with the highest marks in CSS and later she started her career as assistant commissioner.

Sonia Sadaf Family

Father Name: Not Known

Mother Name: Not Known

Height: Not Known

Weight: Not Known

Eye Color: Not Known

Hair Color: Not Known

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Assistant Commissioner Sialkot Sonia Sadaf has responded to Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, after the latter openly berated the former during a visit to a Ramadan bazaar in the city on Sunday.

The incident took place when the special assistant to the Punjab chief minister was visiting a Ramadan bazaar in the city.

Awan was vexed at the assistant commissioner after a few buyers complained of the substandard quality of food being sold at the stalls and the administration’s lack of action over the matter.

After the incident took place, Sadaf’s response to Awan was also shared on social media in which the assistant commissioner can be seen expressing disappointment over the way she was chided by Awan.

“Is this any way [to talk to people]? We have been here throughout the day,” she can be heard saying in the video.

“This is not the proper way to talk, we can also converse in a civilised manner,” she adds.

Sadaf then says the heat these days is quite unbearable and if a fruit rots due to the weather, then “human error” should also be taken into account.

“Let it be. Madam [Dr Firdous Awan] can complete her visit and then we will leave from here,” she concludes.

Awan’s outburst triggers anger on social media

Awan’s outburst against Sadaf has triggered an angry response on social media, with many calling for the Punjab chief minister’s special assistant to apologise to the civil servant.

Senior government functionaries and politicians criticised Awan for the way she shouted at Sadaf.

The video of the harsh exchange went viral on social media in a few hours after which statements were issued in support of the female officer by the prime minister’s aide Usman Dar, PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz and graduates of the Civil Services Academy (CSA).

The CSA graduates did not mince their words and said they stood with Sadaf, asking Awan to apologise for her behaviour.

“A PAS officer was publicly humiliated. This is a criminal act.”

Separately, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs Usman Dar expressed his concerns over the Sialkot incident.

He said he knew the assistant commissioner, adding that she is an efficient and competent officer.

Dar added that the role of female officers in governance is important and must be appreciated.

Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan has admitted that the words she used to tell off Assistant Commissioner Sonia Sadaf in Sialkot over price gouging in a Ramazan subsidy bazaar were not right.

If the spirit of the holy month is of self-reflection and forgiveness, then nothing exemplified it more perhaps than Firdous Apa’s live apology on national television Monday afternoon.

Social media exploded on Sunday when a video of Firdous Ashiq Awan shouting at AC Sadaf was circulated.

People quickly divided into two camps: those pro-civil service and those against.

“What happened to you?” asked SAMAA TV’s anchor in the pre-iftar transmission on Monday.

“Yes, it was a ghair munasib jumla,” said Firdous. “But you are human and get angry and the environment there…”

She referred to the sweltering heat, the anger of the crowd over the high prices and said that the government was being abused.

The real issue was the bazaar’s organisation, she said. The AC sahiba was sitting in an air-conditioned car.

“I was drowning in sweat, For me, the people’s anger and the Ramzan heat got to me.”

In the video, Firdous was seen shouting at the AC over the quality of fruit being sold at the market. Watch the video here.

“See along with all this you should keep in mind, that I am a representative of the people,” Firdous replied.

“Not a product of the drawing room. I don’t sit in a drawing room and do politics.”

Firdous was severely criticized and lauded in equal measure. Pro-PTI people felt that she was right to haul up the AC over price gouging.

“If people are drowning in sweat for one kilogram of sugar, that is not the PM’s vision,” said Firdous.

On the other hand, civil servants on Twitter condemned the harsh tone and said that Firdous could have conveyed her point differently.

Others questioned whether it even made sense for district, deputy and assistant commissioners to still be doing the out-dated task of checking prices in bazaars in a free market economy.

Who is Sonia Sadaf, the Assistant Commissioner in Sialkot?

She has a Master’s of Public Administration from Cornell University, a BBA from the University of Arkansas and a BBA Honors from University of Central Punjab.

She is a UGRAD Fellow, a Fulbright scholar and worked for the World Bank.