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Born in 1846, Stefan was turned into a vampire in 1864, at the age of seventeen.

Prior to being turned, he fought over Katherine Pierce with his brother, Damon Salvatore.

Initially, Stefan was known for his “dark past” as “The Ripper”, as he fed on human blood and killed several people.

However, once he grew up and away from his “naive” ways, he only consumes animal blood.

In The Vampire Diaries series, Stefan meets Elena Gilbert, a doppelganger who is identical to Katherine.

He develops a relationship with her, but soon has competition from his brother, Damon, who is also in love with Elena.

Stefan, who Wesley described as a “drug addict”, also had to deal with a blood addiction that caused him to revert back to his

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Stefan Salvatore 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Paul is best friends with Ian Somerhalder, who potrays his on-screen brother.

Paul, along with Ian Somerhalder, appears in all and, thus, more episodes of The Vampire Diaries than any other cast member.

Both Paul and Mia Kirshner starred in Wolf Lake.

In addition to English, Paul also speaks fluent Polish.

Paul is the very first actor to appear on Smallville before the Vampire Diaries.

He played Lex Luthor’s rebellious half-brother Lucas Luthor in Prodigal.

Ian Somerhalder, Sara Canning and Cassidy Freeman would later appear in the series as well.

Paul married his long-term girlfriend of 4 years, Torrey DeVitto in April of 2011.

However, they filed for divorce in July 2013.

He dated Phoebe Tonkin, who plays Hayley in The Originals from 2013 to 2017.

Paul is close friends with all of his TVD co-stars, most notably Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Nina Dobrev, Matt Davis, Claire Holt, Candice Accola, Steven R. McQueen, Kat Graham and Chris Wood.

Paul was the one who recommended Joseph Morgan for playing Klaus to the producers.

Paul’s nickname is P-Dub. His fans are known as PDubbers.

Paul has natural fangs.

Paul is right handed.

Paul’s favorite character on The Vampire Diaries is Katherine Pierce.

Paul has bluish-green eyes.

Paul is 5’11”.

Paul has a tattoo of a rose on his right shoulder in which he got when he was 16 years old.

Paul would have been an investigative journalist if he didn’t go into acting.

Paul’s favorite city is New York City.

Paul loves traveling.

Paul admits to being a rebel and a troublemaker, especially when he was younger.

Paul originally auditioned for the role of Damon Salvatore, but instead was given the role of Stefan.

Paul’s favorite scene of all time is when Elena saw Stefan’s vampire face for the first time in The Turning Point.

Paul’s favorite episode of The Vampire Diaries is The End of the Affair.

Paul cares about his heritage.

Stefan’s mother visited him in his sleep after her “death”.

Stefan was 10 years old when his mother died, he was told by his father not to cry at her funeral.

However, Damon told him he was allowed to cry.

In Age of Innocence, it is revealed that in 1863 he met Valerie Tulle.

She also carried his child which died when she transitioned into a Vampire. Stefan has no idea about his unborn child.

All of Stefan’s girlfriends who were main or reccuring characters on the show were administered vampire blood to heal them.

Katherine was healed of a knife wound by Rose and hung herself.

Valerie was healed of her injuries from Julian’s beating by Lilian and drowned herself.

Caroline was healed of her injuries from a car crash by Damon and suffocated by Katherine.

Elena was healed of a cerebral hemorrhage by Meredith with Damon’s blood and died of drowning.

Ivy’s neck was snapped by Enzo after he feed her his blood.

All of Stefan’s girlfriends on the show were turned into vampires.

In the first episode of Legacies, it is revealed that the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted’s library was named in memoriam after him.

Stefan is the only character amongst the main trio that has never killed Alaric.

Stefan and Damon are the only main characters who have appeared in all episodes.

Even though she chose Damon in Season 4, Stefan was still in love with Elena.

Stefan, a vampire, ironically completed the Brotherhood of the Five’s mission by killing Silas.

In No Exit, Katherine breaks Stefan’s car in effort to get him in a hotel and seduce him.

Stefan’s first human Doppelgänger, Tom Avery was seen in While You Were Sleeping.

Both Stefan and Elena have been impersonated by their doppelgängers at least once or more times.

Stefan by Silas and Elena by Katherine.

Julian killed Stefan in Promised Land.

Stefan was resurrected near the end of Home.

Damon revealed that Stefan has only ever been in love twice in his whole entire life, and they both wore the same face; Katherine and Elena.

In terms of his characterization, Stefan is often compared to other mysterious, brooding vampires such as, Edward Cullen from Twilight, Angel (Angelus) from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Louis de Pointe du Lac from Interview With The Vampire.

Stefan has jet black, wavy hair and emerald green eyes in the book series.

He, Damon, Katherine and Caroline were all bitten by a Werewolf or a Hybrid and were all cured by Klaus’ blood.

It has never been revealed or shown if he ever turned someone into a vampire before the series.