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Taylor Hawkins 10 Personal Facts, Biography, Wiki

American musician
Born: February 17, 1972, Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Died: March 25, 2022, Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina Bogota, Bogotá, Colombia
Spouse: Alison Hawkins (m. 2005–2022)

Children: Oliver Shane Hawkins, Annabelle Hawkins, Everleigh Hawkins
Music groups: Foo Fighters (1997 – 2022)
Siblings: Jason Hawkins, Heather Hawkins
Gretsch Artist Since: 2005

Country: US
Band or Affiliations: Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Rider
Current Kit Setup: USA Custom in Bright Pink Gloss Lacquer
Influences: Stewart Copeland, Phil Collins, Neil Peart, Roger Taylor, Stephen Perkins, and Jim Gordon

Taylor Hawkins 10 Pics, Photos, Pictures

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Taylor Hawkins 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Hawkins and his wife, Alison, married in 2005. Together they have three children: Oliver, Annabelle, and Everleigh. They resided in Hidden Hills, California, after moving from Topanga Canyon in 2012.

Hawkins overdosed on heroin in August 2001, which left him in a coma for two weeks. Hawkins’ bandmate and best friend, Dave Grohl, was beside his hospital bed in London for two weeks until he woke up.

Grohl said he was ready to quit music while Hawkins was in the hospital. He also revealed in the 2011 documentary Foo Fighters: Back and Forth, that he wrote the song “On the Mend” from the band’s 2005’s album In Your Honor, about Hawkins while he was in a coma.

Speaking to Beats 1 host Matt Wilkinson in 2018 about the incident, Hawkins said: “I was partying a lot. I wasn’t a junkie per se, but I was partying. There was a year where the partying just got a little too heavy.

Thank God on some level this guy gave me the wrong line with the wrong thing one night and I woke up going, ‘What the fuck happened?’ That was a real changing point for me.” In the same interview, Hawkins also said he was sober.

Hawkins suffered from stage fright. Speaking about his health in a June 2021 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Hawkins said; “I’m healthy. I’m good… I get sinus infections really bad.

And I just found out from my doctor, got all my blood tests and my heart everything checked and he goes, “Dude, you’re in amazing shape. Your heart’s big, because you exercise a lot. It’s like a runner’s heart.” And that’s fine.

The only thing is, he said, “I think you have sleep apnea.” And my wife’s always saying you snore and you fucking make weird noises while you’re sleeping and stuff.”

In his 2021 memoir The Storyteller, Dave Grohl described Hawkins as “my brother from another mother, my best friend, a man for whom I would take a bullet.”

Taylor Hawkins was the touring drummer for Alanis Morissette as well as the drummer in progressive experimental band Sylvia. In 2004, Hawkins formed his own side project, Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders, in which he plays drums and sings.

He was voted “Best Rock Drummer” in 2005 by the United Kingdom drumming magazine Rhythm.