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Thinkal Bhal 10 Personal Facts, Biography, Wiki

Thinkal Bhal is an upcoming actress in the South Indian movie industry. She is primarily active in the Malayalam movie industry.

She made her debut in Mollywood as an actress by taking up a leading role in the film titled Chewing Gum.

Before her entry into the field of acting, she was actively pursuing her career in modeling.

She is fluent in Malayalam, Hindi and English languages. She likes dancing, reading and thinking.

She had her high point in her modeling career when she was one amongst the six finalists in Hairomax Miss South India pageant competition in the year 2011.

She had participated in a reality show by the name Malayalee House alongside actress Rosin Jolly and television anchor Rahul Eswar.

Thinkal Bhal was born in the year 1989 to a Hindu family settled in Cochin, Kerala.

She had her formal education and schooling in the city of Cochin.

After passing out from secondary school, she joined plus 2 to complete the senior secondary level education.

Later, she joined a reputed college in the city to do her graduation.

During her graduation days, she began to look for career options in modeling industry.

The reason for this being her interest in glamour and stardom.

Moreover, she had set her eyes on the opportunities that are there in the movie industry.

She also saw modeling as a part-time option to supplement her financial requirements during her student days.

After her graduation, she took the profession of a model seriously and started to groom herself to become an accomplished model.

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Thinkal Bhal 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Name : Thinkal Bhal

Screen Name : Thinkal Bhal

Height : 5’ 7.5”

Hair Color : Black

Nationality : Indian

Marital Status : Single

Languages Known : English,Malayalam,Hindi

Film Background (Filmography)

Working Field : Actress and Model

Favorite Food : Anything Indian…..n yeah extra spicy!!

Favorite Dress : Saree for being traditional… pants my weakness!!

Favorite Colours : Black and Red.

Favorite Sportsman : Sania Mirza.

Favorite Hero : Aamir Khan.

Favorite Actress : Madhuri Dixit,Madhubala,Chitranga Das Gupta.

Favorite Films : The Orphan, DDLJ, 3 Idiots ….goes on!

Favorite Book : Thousand splendid suns by Khaled Hosseini,Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coehlo.

Hobbies : Dancing, Reading, Thinking

Strength: Adaptable and acceptable to any situation or condition.

Weakness: Scared of Dark Nights.

Life Goal : Basically my dream….to host the show. “so you think you can dance”…n dreams usually turns out to be the aim..!! wink wink!!

Finalist of Hairomax Miss South India 2011.

Thinkal Bhal is an avid watcher of latest Hindi movies. Her favorite actor from the Bollywood is Amir Khan.

She loves to wear a traditional sari and current trending pants. In the sports arena, her favorite player is Sania Mirza.

She loves many Bollywood actresses. They include Madhuri Dixit, Madhubala, Chitrangatha Das Gupta, etc.

She also has a long list of movies that are close to her heart. They are The Orphan, 3 Idiots, DDLJ, etc.

She is a prolific reader and has read many classic books.

Some of the books liked by her include Thousand Splendid Sons and Eleven Minutes.

During her leisure time, Thinkal Bhal loves to dance, read or think about various topics that she had come across.

She likes to remain flexible and accepts any situation that sounds logical. According to her, she disliked and hated dark nights.

Hence, she normally goes to the bed with the bed lamp on.

She aspires to become a top-notch host of the programs and well appreciated actor in the film industry.

This was the reason why she tried to become a professional model from her childhood days.